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The Singularity That Can Impede All Attempts by the Public to Stop the Government


The author is in no way attempting to influence the use of force against the state or incite a civil war or riots among the population. This entire article is merely an analysis of the U.S. population's ability to stop the government as it recedes into a fascist police state.

First A Short Lesson From History

It is said that Hitler's motivation for committing one of the biggest blunders in the history of war was declaring war on the United States immediately after Pearl Harbor. What most people overlook was that it needed to be done sooner than later else the U.S. would grow too strong to defeat. Unlike what typical history books teach he did not have global ambitions but he was keenly aware that in taking Europe and the Soviet Union by storm he was inviting an inevitable face off with the United States and its allies. But were there other motives? Perhaps Hitler acknowledged recent events in his time as evidence of the U.S. having global ambitions. The time since the end of World War II sharply leans this way.

In every war history always proves that technology is a very potent force multiplier. Since World War I the U.S. had arrived as an economic and military superpower driven by technology, industry, money, manpower, and resources and the U.S. had plenty of all of it. It even had enough petroleum reserves to be a major exporter. All such factors compelled Hitler to strike at the U.S. when it was not prepared for war (only had about 150,000 soldiers and about as much armaments), when half its navy was decimated, and it was preoccupied with Japan -- else he may never get another chance because the United States would never be this "weak" again. Perhaps this was not a blunder but an unavoidable destiny. Keep this little lesson from history in mind as you continue reading.

Why Peaceful Activism Does Not Work

While we were all sleeping our benevolent government in piece-meal fashion quietly eased in the surveillance and emerging police state for our own protection resulting in no competent protest or resistance to stop it. The traditional modes of demanding political change like calling our legislators, writing letters, circulating petitions, peaceful protests, voting, etc. DO NOT WORK. This is exactly how they conditioned us to respond to their unjust public policies because it is not threatening, carries no force, and is very benign. Yet we all feel good about ourselves after participating in such pointless activism. A common worst case scenario of the government's inaction is the public resorting to riots resulting in harming their own community and its small business owners who have as much culpability over what the state has become as you or I. But even such adversity has absolutely no impact on our legislators or their benefactors (campaign contributors, plutocrats, lobbies, etc.) because they were not financially hit, they retained their political power, and the public is very forgiving and forgetful.

The cards are already stacked against us. The mountain of potential (time not working) and real (food, shelter, citations, fines, etc,) costs and hardships (arrests, police abuse, violence, etc.) faced by the public in pointless demonstrations just to beg for scraps of political change cannot be justified even if our legislators agreed to some minor concessions. Then we have the swiftly emerging police state whose armed agents face no difficulties and whose presence only has a positive effect on their finances as all are compensated for every regular and over-time hour they clock in while managing an angry public. This was just business as usual for them while the rest of us sacrificed in vain.

The "occupy" movement failed because of all the reasons cited and to add to the burden the public was not united although they appeared to be. They could not agree on what was wrong and how to go about peacefully solving it. How about protesting the emergence of the police state? Their overwhelming presence could not be missed. And even if they could agree on what was wrong and how to go about solving it, it would likely not have been effective again for reasons previously given. Perhaps we must face the fact the only answer to the government steadily receding into totalitarianism is resistance including the use of force -- what nobody wants.

The problem with our government is really us. We are the root cause. We are simply not mentally prepared for a campaign of determined resistance against the state. We are so indoctrinated that we still view the assassination of any political leaders as an attack on our own family even though these despots are not with us. It can be justifiably argued that they are the enemy. These are the politicians who may not give a second thought to direct the murder of civilians because they are seen as threatening the continuity of government or for national security reasons. Recall how many moderates and pundits from either party called for tagging Julian Assange of Wikileaks as a terrorist who deserved nothing less than life in prison or capital punishment even though he broke no laws. All cables were sent to Wikileaks, the publisher, and he did what publishers do best which is to publish. All this despite being an Australian citizen (not a U.S. citizen) and none of this occurring on U.S. soil. Have a look at this commentary by political philosopher Stefan Molyneux for more on this: The Truth About Wikileaks.

Thinking Differently Is Our Only Chance

If we really are determined with restoring the republic hence our liberties and our rights we must start thinking differently from what we were conditioned. Those courageous civilians who risk everything to eliminate a corrupt politician or gun-toting agents of the police state should be viewed with reverence despite their motives. Criminal courts are already biased in favor of police who are privileged with protections from accountability when committing acts of abuse which have resulted in the murder of innocent civilians. Yet when most people serve on a jury for a defendant charged for violent crimes against the police, a government worker, or a corrupt politician it does not cross their mind to protect them with all the power endowed to to them by the court. This is where most people have the most power to reign in positive political change. This is done by never convicting (a not guilty juror vote) a defendant up on such charges. This would send a very stern message to the police and the government that the people are now in charge and abuse by the state and the police will no longer be tolerated.

The Second Amendment was not included in the Bill of Right to permit citizens to defend against crime from other civilians. Its real goal was to restrain the government should it become necessary. At the time of adoption of all ten Bill of Rights (1791) the people and federal government were on equal footing as far as the defense technology available at the time.

A united civilian public with clear goals that were well planned can defeat the police with calculated directed force but the military would have to be dealt with an entirely different approach; We would need to appeal to their emotions which should not be too difficult for reasons about to be given. The police do not actually exist to apprehend criminals. Their real goal is to protect the existing class structure by managing the public. All this demands a cold dominant posture with us which keeps us apart from them. However in theory at least, the military only exists to defend the people and yes for national security as well which is really just a misnomer for defending the government. But they still view us as one of them. It is likely that some or many troops may not feel easy about firing on American civilians and they may be turned to defend civilians against other troops who are strictly following orders. Those which we could not turn would need to be challenged with very inventive and original guerrilla tactics in cities where surveillance cameras are located on every street and all our communications are monitored all the time. Yes we would have to be very inventive but its still possible despite their immense resources and technology -- at least for now.

But that is not all. Military Commanders are now being promoted based on their willingness to disarm the public. This is euphemism for "are you willing to shoot on American civilians" as this article suggests: Obama Asking Military Officers If They Will Shoot Americans. However even this is not all we would face. Our own government has already made the most treasonous plans to combat an insurgent public who our troops may not wish to fire on. As unbelievable as this may appear, Russian, Polish and troops from many other nations have been training on American soil. Why would the state train foreign troops (some who are not from NATO countries) to confiscate our arms with the goal of mitigating any revolt? The answer is very simple. Foreign troops would not hesitate to shoot civilians they do not consider their own. For more on this please view: Russians train to Disarm U.S Citizens on U.S soil.

The Singularity Is Finally Defined

Because of our docile nature (call it cowardice if you wish) and our inability to make intelligent decisions with our very limited resources and courageous and meaningful sacrifices which actually make an impact we may be quickly reaching a point of no return because of what I call the "singularity" of the state. This is not the "big bang" singularity but it is somewhat related to the "artificial intelligence" (A.I.) or technology (Tech) singularity whereby technology (i.e. robots, computers, etc.) will have advanced to where they are indistinguishable from human intelligence yet it will have superhuman intelligence and abilities.

A state singularity exists when the government has an arsenal of technology and/or proven public policies to defend itself (or remain in power) with force or with the use of other defensive methods which have advanced far enough to be beyond the ability of its population to restrain. It may be a collection of many non-connected systems working independently from one another but may be managed from a central location or authority.

How The State Uses Technology to Manage the Public

One glaring aspect of this that the public immediately notices is when it is used as a force multiplier by police or federal agents. This is when militarized gear is worn in the field to protect them and to make them physically stronger and likely more imposing and intimidating. They may be carrying automatic assault weapons under some circumstances. Military armored vehicles are now a common sight in police departments throughout the country courtesy of a very caring Dept. of Homeland Security. This is a surplus to what many departments already have which are small limited-use tanks equipped with a battering ram in place of the main gun which is often put to use for breaching "crack houses.". However the state singularity is not necessarily only used this way.

With the NSA, FBI, CIA, ATF, DEA, and many other not yet known federal agencies monitoring our communications they can now easily head off any attempts at stopping them. They can even target individuals who are regarded as trouble makers who have committed no crimes just to impede their activities. They may also be indefinitely detained without any charges ever filed or given a hearing or a trial (Patriotic Act, NDAA 2012-2014), harassed by the IRS, labeled a terrorists and put on a no-fly list, among many other things outside the law.

Moreover expect surveillance drones flying just over our heads to be a common sight throughout all American metropolitan areas including small towns. Technology is advancing at very high rates especially in electronics and microscopic nanotechnology. This means that drone technologies will soon be at a point where they cannot be seen. Such drones will not only fly into our homes just to keep an eye on some of us, some may even be armed with high tech covert devices which can instantly kill us (for example the CIA has a special type of gun which can produce what appears to be instant heart attacks) just to eliminate certain individuals deemed as a possible threat. And with secret surveillance drones in our homes it will be very easy to silence trouble makers without physically harming them by simply blackmailing them.

Then there is the largest, most experienced, most advanced, highest funded, most belligerent, almost no accountability, and likely most powerful military in all of human history -- the U.S. armed forces. As discussed before dividing them against themselves is likely the only chance we'll ever have of defeating them. However as if what we would face wasn't already daunting enough, none of this touches on the technology the state keeps top secret or black (so secret it is regarded as not existing) which may be far more devastating (not necessarily destructive) than any known weapons today and driven by physics so advanced that it is even kept from the academic community.

If you still believe that all those FEMA camps were only built for disaster relief then you are putting way too much trust in our government. It is speculated that their true purpose is to detain civilians during times of civil unrest. That is when marshal law is expected to be imposed to permit the military to contain and manage us. Such detainees may face indefinite detention without the benefit of the judicial process.

Then there is the implanted microchip technology that the state is working on to further manage us similar to how we now track man's best friend -- our pet dogs. There are many positive uses for this but its downside is a far more weighing matter. It would give the big brother state another tool to monitor us. All earnings and purchases would have to go through this. With this implant the government can effectively monitor our earnings, our whereabouts, what we buy, where we shop, etc. Should it deem us an threat, a troublemaker, or a terrorist it could freeze our bank accounts or block us from earning or purchases. That is far too much power to give a government that is not making public policy in our best interests.

Other Factors Leaning Against Us

Then there is The American Apartheid Machine (see linked article). This aspect is not technology but a public policy that is a fundamental component of the arsenal the state has in its possession to manage or enslave the public. This is when the state (any level of government) builds a class of very privileged, highly compensated, and protected (some especially police who are afforded extra "rights") workforce which makes them self-entitled and fiercely loyal to the state. They would very happily do anything within their power or outside the law (if their position has little or no accountability) to prevent any disruption to their gravy train. Niceties courtesy of union representation include almost impenetrable job security; a ridiculous number of redeemable vacation, holiday, and sick days; fully paid health benefits into death for them and their families; a surplus of unjustifiable overtime, essentially no accountability for poor work performance; and very lucrative pensions with early retirement. All these excesses are possible by a process of legal bribery whereby public-sector labor unions and corporations support all viable candidates within the same election race ensuring that their demands become public policy. For more on public-sector labor unions view Andrew Klavan: Behold! Your Public Sector Unions at Work and 3 Reasons Public Sector Employees are Killing the Economy. One example are teachers unions which you can view here: The Machine: The Truth Behind Teachers Unions.

What Humanity Can Expect to Face if We Do Nothing

One day perhaps a half dozen generations from now, other than with our usual run of the mill lawmakers or the oligarchy comes out of hiding as holding the strings, it will be possible to run the entire government with only one person or none at all and none of this will be a secret. Our constitution will have likely by then be a non-existent distant memory and replaced with something else which demands our obedience and respect for one another. Of course our farmers (owners) would never want their cows and pigs harming each other.

Recall the sentient computer Hal from the motion picture 2001: A Space Odyssey? It will manage near all facets of our lives including our compensation for labor, what food is available to us, access to health care, who we may breed with, how many children we may produce, our education (by this time it will have for the most been part replaced with indoctrination), what comforts of modern society we may enjoy, etc. That is, if it should not find us obsolete or expendable. In other words it may explicitly decide who lives and who dies. All free nations shall enjoy a new world order of a strictly regimented society managed by a single sentient technological piece of hardware which is fiercely loyal to its gods -- the oligarchy.

But even the power elite are not immune to a class struggle. Eventually they will eliminate each other until a single royal-like family rises who will dictate everything. Compared to the people they will almost have the power of gods.

We will never see that day in our lifetime but the longer we wait for a peaceful revolution the more difficult it becomes to stop the government. Hence our chances of succeeding become far more unlikely. The odds stacked against us are already daunting but the singularity is just around the corner if not already here as suggested by how bold the state now passes laws which are clearly not in our best interest. Our government will never be this "weak" again.

Hitler is often painted as the biggest monster in all of human history. The monster that awaits us and our successors will make him look like a saint. But he did have at least one trait that he should be revered for. He had the courage and determination to face destiny and try to change it -- something none of us have.

Further Viewing

The following clips and full documentaries support all the allegations made in this essay. Also included are a few (at bottom) fictitious films which are worth watching for their entertainment value and to give us something to think about.

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