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The Most Dishonest Three and a Half Minutes of Television History

At first glance this may appear to be about a dated viral clip and you would be correct however the points made are timeless so keep reading. You are not wasting your time.

This is in response to a viral clip of the opening scene of the very first episode of season one (2012) of HBO's The Newsroom starring Jeff Daniels, and created, written by, and directed by Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing). The video is entitled, The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER... For an extended version (8:16) please view this clip: The Newsroom "America is not the greatest country in the world anymore" 2012 TV series.

I quickly found over twelve uploads of this on YouTube with the most original upload having a whopping 7,981,813 hits. The others also had numbers to brag about but not nearly as high. Then there are all the direct uploads to Facebook and other video sites which may have also gone viral. Facebook uploading is how I was originally exposed to this. I think it may be safe to assume that most people sharing this were moved by actor Daniel's speech on "Why America is..." NOT "...the greatest country in the world" and likely agreed with most of his points. I must admit that I also felt this way the first time I viewed it a few months ago but it must have been at a late time in the evening when I was not very alert. However it recently found me again but this time I was ready for it. And that is when it hit me. This is well hidden in plain sight propaganda.

We were all being led and we had no clue. Well most of us at least. But then again the mainstream media has about a full century of professional experience at this therefore it is unfair to bear any shame for this. You get a pass this time but you better not let it happen again. It leads us by the strings by filtering what we may see or focus on and it influences our opinions by suggesting rational sounding one-sided views or appeals to our emotions.

In the clip Daniels' character lists many popular ideas on what America should or used to be but dances around those specific details which actually nail down what is wrong with America. Almost everything he lists such as class disparity and poor public education are symptoms of a deeper underlying problem. But I do agree that defense spending is out of control however this is also symptom with a root cause. I think we can all agree that the United States is owned by an oligarchy which is not content with having power over the United States. They likely want the world too but that is another story for another day. And yes this conspiracy theory has merit due to the mountain of evidence supporting this.

Our liberties are under attack by a whole arsenal of very potent weapons but Daniel's character fails to mention even one which are at the source of the problem. He could have listed a whole array of causes (sources) or weighing matters (symptoms) such as:
  • The Federal Reserve system and its failing dishonest debt-based fiat monetary system. That is the true source of the national debt which is now at over $18 trillion.
  • The Bilderberg Group and other very ambitious oligarch groups who successfully co-opted our government.
  • The emerging police state and police abuse to go with it.
  • The suspension of our civil rights (NDAA 2012-2014, Patriot Act, etc.).
  • NSA bulk surveillance of the American people and likely many other federal agencies also participating in this unlawful practice.
  • The suspicious construction of so many FEMA camps. What are they really for?
  • The government devolving into corporatism.
  • AIPAC (Israel lobby) heavily influencing foreign policy by essentially delegating who gets elected for two of the three branches of government.
  • The Zionist managed mainstream media which filters and slants our news. This is propaganda.
  • How regular entertainment programming deliberately distracts us from things that matter or reinforces certain principles not in our best interest. This is also propaganda.
Did you also notice how he reinforced the left-right paradigm? This is also a lie. The right and the left are two flavors of the same socialist party. Then there was all of the over-emphasis on freedom. This is also a reinforcement that the United States is still a free country despite our liberties being in peril as this government steadily marching us toward a New World Order that is a One World Government. All these are likely things that the mainstream media does not want our attention focused on. When a single cabal manages the media they control the narrative. This gives them the power to influence public policy to their advantage. With every new restriction on our liberties the more this resembles the red scare of the cold war.

If what we really want is to restore this nation to its constitution we must start thinking differently. We must ask ourselves if we really need the state to manage essentially the most critical affairs of society. Regardless of the good intent of its founders all governments grow to unsustainable levels because they are always hijacked by the most ambitious smooth talking crooks in any civilization. Thus the state which was founded to serve us becomes our master as it serves those who hide behind a curtain of secrecy. And I do not mean the politicians. I am referencing the CEO's of big business especially in the banking sector who step in as the oligarchs.

It is for such reasons and many more that I am convinced that we need to move in the direction of anarcho-capitalism else all of our liberties including our right to speak against the state will eventually be stripped from us. On many YouTube uploads (sample video given, also embedded below) and in a series of ingenious articles at (all articles on page, omit George Zimmerman) political philosopher and historian Stefan Molyneux (website) builds a solid case for anarcho-capitalism and why we must dissolve the state . If you are not yet ready for complete freedom in a stateless society there is an answer for you apprehension. Please give the Libertarian Party (videos) a try by viewing a short series of video clips which demonstrate how Libertarians would solve government created problems. I promise that in such a country everything I listed would no longer be a threat because they would all cease to exist.

For another point of view in opposition of this clip I recommend, Why the “most honest 3 minutes on TV ever” is a lie.

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