Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to Render the Emerging Police State Powerless

The only mission of the state should be to shelter common citizens from internal conflict (fraud, violent crime, etc.) or external aggression (war, foreign invasion, etc.) and nothing more else it oversteps its delegated (by the people, constitution, etc.) boundaries by building a privileged and protected class. One such example is demonstrated with corporatism by over-regulation which slants public policies greatly in favor of an oligarchy. Another example are government workers which are endowed with excesses in compensation, privileges, additional rights, health plans, pensions, job security, etc, which the private sector cannot compete with. This public policy tends to make public employees fiercely loyal to the state.

Employees of the government NEVER have the authority to deprive us of any rights unless they really are motivated by an urgent closely related need to protect another person from murder, physical harm, theft, or fraud.

This is rarely the case when police detain or arrest common citizens. In most cases people are arrested for benign or victimless offenses such as for possessing or distributing illicit substances. How can there be a crime when there is no victim? At what point do we exercise our rights to fight back with force when we witness the unjustified brutal subjugation of ourselves or of others by the state?

It is for such reasons that all police officers and federal agents should not be viewed as our heroes for the mere reason that they voluntarily protect and serve what we can now say is an illegitimate government instead of actually upholding the oath they took by defending the constitutionally protected natural rights of every single human being within their jurisdiction. But you might ask what about the good cops who are out there? Those who carry themselves as good law-abiding officers who make it a daily ritual not to encroach on our civil rights belong to the same ol' boys club when it comes to protecting the questionable conduct of other officers. They would still arrest civilians who committed victimless offenses, even people who farm out of their own homes or collect water from their rooftops. For those officers who we might still have some faith in I have this plea: An Open Letter to Police Officers and Our Heroes in the Military.

If we are ever to serve on a jury for a defendant charged with having committed any crime (yes murder too) for any reason against any gun carrying agents (police, sheriff, FBI, ATF, Secret Service, DEA, etc.) of the state or any elected politicians who betrayed our trust, it is our duty to always vote "not guilty" despite the evidence or their motivation to make certain such very courageous heroes walk out of court with their now anemic liberties intact. Other places to apply jury nullification is whenever a defendant is charged with a victimless offense or have been charged with a crime which clearly is defined as his right to do under the American Constitution or committing any other activities which should be his right (See Tenth Amendment). This includes possession or distribution of illicit substances, tax evasion, free speech where it is prohibited, seditious speech, prostitution, peaceful assembly and protest, resisting arrest, etc. For more on jury nullification please visit Jury Nullification: Why Every American Needs to Learn This Taboo Verdict and Jury Box: What exactly is Jury Nullification?

By doing this we deliberately deny police and feds protection under the law from violence because there is a higher principle that must be upheld -- it is the common man that must be protected from the tyranny of an oppressive institution; not its abusive agents. This is how we demonstrate to the police state that the people are now in charge and their abusive behavior will no longer be tolerated.

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