Thursday, October 24, 2013

Were We All Really Created Equal? I Say No!

I question the politically correct propaganda that we were all created equal. This should not be confused with the humanitarian philosophy that all human beings deserve equal rights. Why isn’t it possible that internal qualities may have developed among the races (or ethnicities) with respect to intelligence, innovation, motivation, and character?

I do not know if such characteristics can be attributed to simple cultural or environmental factors however if a species can evolve into breeds (races or ethnicities) then why can’t such internal characteristics evolve as well? Why does society limit our dissimilarities in ethnicity to external differences? Nothing could be more shallow. Are we so afraid of our historical past that we deny our own archeological permutations past our own skins?

This does not mean that some individuals cannot have far superior attributes over others regardless of race. Furthermore, this does not mean that anyone should be oppressed based on their skin color. Individuals should always be assessed on an individual basis for their abilities (such as for employment) and their character (such as when selecting a mate).

How can we be expected to cope with our differences in an effective way if we choose not to scientifically study our internal attributes because of political correctness? We are after all human beings. This means we are very capable of some very amazing things including of course adapting very well to our socioeconomic environments.

People often confuse my views with racism. That could not be further from the truth. I am only questioning the predominant conditioned beliefs held by most people. We should not allow politically correct propaganda and indoctrination to limit our thoughts, shape our beliefs, mold our opinions, moderate our speech, or influence our behaviors.

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