Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Obama Daughters Disciplined for Feces Incident


WASHINGTON - On a move which surprised even the liberal left, the hundreds of White House visitors who were pelted with feces last week by the Obama daughters were re-invited to return the White House for a formal apology by Michelle Obama. It occurred in the recently scrubbed lounge room facing the Oval Office where the walls and floors had been draped with a very pungent brown slurry.

Facing dozens of reporters and hundreds of visitors mostly women the First Lady expressed remorse for her daughters [Sasha and Malia] reprehensible conduct saying, "I cannot express how deeply saddened I am over your victimization by my children. Please accept my deepest regrets and apologies. I was just as surprised over their behavior as anyone else. It is just not like them."

When asked by a reporter on how they were disciplined the First Lady insisted, "Oh trust me they received the discipline of their very short lives but unfortunately how they were punished is classified on grounds of national security."

Shortly afterwards all visitors were herded to the banquet room where they were all treated to a gourmet meal consisting of all-you-can-eat chitterlings and fried chiggen, Olde English 800, Thunderbird wine, and watermelon for dessert.

Jules Manson reporting for AP News.

Last Words

I do not work for and I have never worked for AP News. This story is politically incorrect satire and no racism is intended. . However some people may still have a problem with it. To them I say: lighten up. No one was harmed. I am only poking fun at two public figures. The way I see it, anyone in the public is fair game for poking fun especially if they are the children of a politician with questionable leadership.

Top image courtesy of Google First Family 2012.

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