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Why Some Conspiracy Theories Have Merit


Almost everything the federal government does qualifies as a conspiracy. Here are the three necessary elements for a conspiracy:

  • Secret.
  • Between two or more parties.
  • Unlawful or highly unethical.

Who Gets Benefit of the Doubt?

I agree that many conspiracy theories are unfounded but this should not mean that we take a blanket position that they are all false especially when evidence exits to support them or that by default we give the benefit of the doubt to the State Dept or the federal government. This is especially true when we acknowledge that this institution has a long track record of releasing "official stories" which lack evidence and are deliberately infested with misinformation (a kind word for lies) yet we embrace their word as if they are credible.

What conspiracy theorists do is to connect the dots of publicly available information in such a way that a bleak but rational picture of reality emerges. This is the safest position to take otherwise by accepting "official stories" offered by the government we actually support them. Never forget that supporting the state is a very perilous position to default to.

About the Short Film

I agree with item 10 (Area 51) minus the alien spacecraft. I also agree with items 9 (Pearl Harbor), 3 (Electronic Currency), 2 (9/11 Coverup), and 1 (New Wold Order). I agree with all these because I have done my research and found credible evidence to support all such theories.

I do not agree with items 8 (Fluoridation), 7 (Pan Am Flight 103), 5 (AIDS), or 4 (Indian Ocean Tsunami) because I have either not done my research, I have not found any credible evidence to support them, or they are just too absurd to believe. But I stress that my mind is open to changing if credible evidence surfaces to support these allegations.

I am on the fence with item 6 (Peak Oil) until I see more evidence. We have seen other corporations form trusts to control market prices so I would not put this conspiracy past the petroleum companies. But again I stress, I am still only on the fence with this.

Some Conspiracies Are True

Isn't the NSA spying on us a conspiracy? If the feds are willing to break the law and do such highly secretive things under our nose does this not lend credibility to conspiracy theorists who resolve to similar conclusions based on evidence?

I also maintain that 9/11 was an inside job with Israel behind it among many other things like the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty navy spy ship which was permitted or planned by criminal elements within the federal government. When we pay attention to college courses like political science and history or simply rely on credible and independent sources for our news we find that conspiracies are the norm for advancing political change.

A Few More Conspiracies

I believe the following conspiracies have merit.

I have reservations about the following conspiracies. Monsanto is often a victim of aggressive unfounded propaganda. However, the government in the past has been found to be very willing to commit very secretive and egregious crimes against innocent civilians especially onto African Americans and people who serve their country. Therefore I do not put chemtrails past it. But I do stress that I am on the fence with chemtrails. And about vaccines? I believe that recommending 48 vaccinations for a young child is far too much. When I was a child I only needed about half a dozen and today as a 50 year old I am very healthy. However I do not know enough to comment on this either way. I just do not know if such allegations (long term harm or trace exposures to mercury) are true.

And finally, an outstanding video of Dusty Smith defending Monsanto.

Please do not forget to share which points you agree with.

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