Monday, June 3, 2013

A Brave New World Order

The Machine

The following are my resigned predictions. I do not believe we can win against the machine swallowing us whole and alive. It is far too powerful and it has near limitless resources and technology so advanced we cannot yet fathom.

The world of the future, the very near future, perhaps in our lifetime will change drastically from the one we were all born into. Although many of us may have not noticed it, a one world government has been progressively growing in steps right under our noses. The illusion of democracy shall be replaced with a new world order ruled by tyrants and despots where only those with great wealth, nobility, or royalty shall make the rules.

Individualism and our civil rights shall be completely replaced by collectivism. Also gone will be the family structure. They will manage every aspect of society and engineer it to favor those who can best serve the collective.

A Stagnant Species

For many eons our species has not evolved and it was only in the last two thousand years that we had only begun to make progress toward advancing our knowledge base of the world and our universe. Our progress has been too slow and our evolution has been stagnant. Nature will once again come full circle as only those fittest to survive shall live on to procreate. All others will be considered "dead weight" or "obsolete" and shall be deemed disposable as they trim down the world population to a more manageable less than half a billion of the brightest, most innovative, strongest, and highly skilled minds that humanity can foster.

However, this is probably the only way to evolve the human species as nature had intended. This means that in order to advance the human species we must move toward generating a master race. It is nature's way. This will ensure the survival of the human species well into the future and restore much of our spoiled paradise.

Building a Master Race

There is nothing wrong with building a master race consisting of racial purity, superior intelligence, supreme health, and outstanding character if it does not practice coercion. It must be 100% voluntary. Having said this any race can be built into a master race through a process known as eugenics.

Why do so many people have a problem with this? Humans have been practicing genetics with plants and animals for thousands of years. If society really wishes to move forward into the future we must do this with humans although I believe it would be more efficient if races were mixed. Regardless of their ethnicity only those with the highest quality of DNA should breed under such a scenario.

Individuals with low quality DNA would not need to be euthanized or fixed. They would just be expected to cooperate by not breeding else they would contaminate the gene pool.

The breeding of a master race of different types is in store for humanity's future. But this program will be coercive and administered by the state which means the euthanasia of undesirables will surely occur. By the time we reach 22nd Century we will be well underway with building a master race of different types.

Some humans will be bred for their physical prowess. These will be workers and drones (guardians of the state). Others will be bred for their superior intelligence. These will be scientists and engineers as well as administrators of this "Brave New World Order." And then there will be the royal class which had a head start centuries ago. These will be your so-called Illuminati and other world leaders and monarchs. They will dictate everything. The Bilderberg meetings are an early version of this.

Last Words

Again I stress that I do not condone force or coercion for any of this. It must be voluntary but that is like wishing upon a star. Our careless ways on this planet must stop. It is killing everything. Perhaps it is best this way.

Further Viewing

The following film is a fictionalized version of what our world can become. The next film explains in easy layman terms exactly how the state is evolving and eroding our liberties.

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