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Sixteen Sweet Things the State Will Never Reveal


The 20th century brought us the scary C-word -- Communism. The 21st century has given us an even scarier C-word -- Capitalism. But capitalism is not to blame for our economic mess and failure of government to shelter us from other crises. The real culprit is losing our leverage through Corporatism.

The new "red scare" is the Red, White, and Blue because this has given the United States a new F-word, Fascism. Does this sound like propaganda? You're right, it is propaganda however, this does not mean that it is not an accurate illustration of what we are witnessing.

Propaganda is very difficult to define therefore sometimes it must be defined under the context of its usage. I highlight this point to demonstrate that I have no underlying self-serving motives. My words can always be taken at face value. My only wish is to truthfully inform and motivate people into action.

I really do not care under which economic system (capitalism, communism, socialism, resource based, etc.) I live under as long as I live under an ethical government that does not allow the piracy of my wealth and the hijacking of my representation to be auctioned off to the highest corporate (or union) bidder.

The Sweet Sixteen

As promised here are the sixteen things that government will never reveal to you. In addition, I shall keep this regularly updated by adding "bonus" items as they come to me. If you can think of any others please post them in the comments.You will be credited.

  1. The federal income tax is illegal and the IRS is an illegitimate institution.
  2. About 75% of all tax revenues at all levels of government go to pure waste.
  3. The Federal Reserve is a money skimming operation by the bank cartels. Every time the Treasury Dept. requests freshly printed money it issues a bond to the loaning institution. This bond not only requires that all money printed be returned to the issuing bank but it must also be repaid in interest even though this newly printed paper money was printed out of thin air and not backed by anything. In other words all money that is issued is already owned by the Federal Reserve even though it is legally counterfeited. This is the primary reason for poverty and unemployment in America.
  4. Inflation is a result of the Treasury Dept issuing bonds to the Federal Reserve to expand the money supply. This is a hidden tax. When we notice that our cash money is losing value it is because of inflation which is an expansion of the money supply. Such bills have no intrinsic value therefore it steals value from the existing money supply. And, who holds this freshly printed money? The United States government of course.This is why it is a hidden tax.
  5. The Federal Reserve is also the primary reason for the national debt because once again, it creates debt every time money is issued to the Treasury Dept.
  6. All banks who are members banks of the Federal Deposits Insurance Corporation may practice legal counterfeiting by loaning out nine times the amount of money that they have deposited in their reserves. This is called fractional reserve banking and it is practiced by most banks. This also expands the money supply resulting in inflation.
  7. The federal government intends on relieving itself of this debt with what they call "quantitative easing." This means that they will print more fiat (worthless Federal Reserve Notes) money to tax us all out of this debt. This will spawn hyperinflation. Think of hyperinflation as hypertaxation. It will draw the American economy into another great depression perhaps as deep as the Great Depression of 1929-1941.
  8. Most Americans are brainwashed, ignorant, and stupefied because of mass media programming and political correctness.
  9. Having children is the primary cause for scarcity, pandemics, pollution, mass extinctions, and ecological damage. It is also one of the primary reasons for war. The land mass essentially remains static however populations steadily grow resulting in even stiffer competition for resources and land.
  10. Not everyone who has the right to vote should vote. People who vote without first investigating through independent sources all sides of issues and candidates are doing far more harm than if they had no exercised their patriotic and civic duty.
  11. No one in government cares for you. Their staged performance for your welfare (well being) is a ploy to harness your vote and loyalty so that you help them step up the Darwinist social ladder. This means that most bills that are passed by our elected representatives have a deeply embedded and hidden self-serving agenda. In addition to this most bills at all levels of government are now written by lobbyists. Still further it is now well known that most bills are not even read by our elected representatives at any level of government.
  12. As long as we must pay taxes on our legally acquired fully paid private property there is no such thing as property rights. Even if we have the deeds in our possession. This means that mortgages and taxation is all a scam and we are only leasing property from the government. This also applies to automobiles.
  13. The failing public education system is very deliberate. It helps keep the masses ignorant, passive, and complacent.
  14. The justification of "national security" for government classifying information as "secret" or "top secret" is false. The federal government and most state governments are criminal institutions. They perpetuate fraud, wars of aggression, extortion, hijacking of our representation, piracy of our wealth, human rights abuses, the dismantling of our constitution, and many other crimes and policies of oppression. They use the cover of national security as justification to hide these covert activities in order to protect those in government and private corporations who drive political change by unlawful means.
  15. There is no God. Religion and the concept of God are tools perpetuated by all governments to prime society into accepting false claims by authority figures. It is also a tool for moderating dissent among an extorted and disgruntled population.
  16. We do not live in a free democracy. This is because our representation is hijacked and our wealth is pirated by corporations and unions through campaign financing, promises of future job offers to elected officials, and their guidance or outright authoring of legislative bills.
  17.  (Bonus 1) Patriotism is nationalist propaganda. Its main utility is to harness your blind unquestioned loyalty to a government that is controlled by a small group of elite individuals with underlying self-serving motives. It results in us becoming complacent in a bubble of false security that our government has placed us in. We thus become passive and loyal to the very same institution which we should fear most - our own federal government.
  18. (Bonus 2) America is now officially a fascist (corporatism) state. How deep we allow it is entirely up to us.
  19. (Bonus 3) Giving to non-profits who benefit medical research is counterproductive to finding treatments and cures for medical conditions and disease. Why would any medical research corporation release any cures if it hit their bottom line hard and cut off their gravy train of charitable donations?
  20. (Bones 4) Just like the federal government is controlled by corporations, most state and lower governments are controlled by public-sector (and some private as well) labor unions. I call this state-level fascism through unionocracy.

Recommended Viewing

Please see the following free full-length film, End of Liberty. It is produced by the think-tank group National Inflation Association and was uploaded in October of 2010. This film pulls no punches. Our liberty is under attack with far too many oppressive laws and criminal institutions who are literally stealing our wealth under the cover of helping the community and fighting terrorism. Two more outstanding films to watch are End of America and America: Freedom to Fascism.

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