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An Open Letter to God

If our benevolent creator is really expected to judge us all in the afterlife wouldn't it be far more sensible to assume that he would have appeared before us at least once during our lifetime to read us our rights? - me

Dear God:

Your demands have resulted in many lost souls and a spoiled paradise. We have lost our way, but we believe we know the cause. You may have conceived us but does this mean that we should become your servants in perpetuity? Why do you impose us with a need to serve you with compulsory love and hollow sacraments? Why should we owe you anything? You are God. You are omniscient and omnipotent. There is nothing beyond your reach. You have everything you need therefore you need nothing. You did not design us to be your serfs. Yet you demand this of us through your many gospels.

Why is it your concern who we choose to sleep with, how or what we choose to eat, or what we choose to do as long as no one else or anything is harmed in the exercise of the free will you graciously endowed us with? All of these activities are too frivolous for anyone or any creator to be preoccupied with. We are intelligent enough to determine for ourselves what is moral and what is nefarious. Please put your colossal hubris to rest and cease commanding us to revere or even acknowledge you. This is not unconditional adoration. This is coercion. Please, stop demanding that we follow your doctrine and accept the holy spirit — whatever that is. We have far more dire and pressing affairs down here that demand your undivided attention.

Please ignore the petty prayers of many of your spoiled western disciples and set your priorities straight by attending to the needs of the most fragile of your children: those afflicted with poverty, scarcity, and malaise. They need and cry out for you, although they may not have ever heard of you. Our mothership is perpetually beset with war in which many of your most faithful children perish. Many of these conflicts are rooted in your stipulation for exaltation.

You are fully conscious of charlatans among us who will abuse your word, yet you do nothing while they create many gods and many faiths all competing for their service to you. Such utility enslaves us to their will and is the basis for much of this carnage. We do not ask for your alliance. We only ask that you end this inhumanity once and for all.

Aside from life, intelligence is the greatest gift you have bestowed upon us. Yet you expect us to suppress this when respecting your decree. If you truly are an all loving and powerful Father in the sky, then promise us you will not play favorites based on a silly little book, any book, written many years ago that demands our service to others who claim to know your will. We believe that wasting such precious and limited time on a text compiled ages ago is a blasphemy of this most divine gift.

We should be honoring the abilities you endowed us with by exercising our curiosity and learning more about the world and exploring the universe you brought into essence. Such intelligence is easily adopted to question your own existence, yet you choose to hide from us in a trial of faith and loyalty. You never subjected yourself to such a test. This is hypocrisy of the highest divine order.

Being our creator should not give you the right to behave like a god. You crafted us in your own image yet you manufactured us to be very fragile with many limitations and imperfections. You do not respect those attributes which mirror your own. Free your children to be how they choose to be. Only guide us if we should fall from grace. But do not expect us to become your chattel.

Allow us to question your very existence. But do not condemn us to a purgatory of torment if we should not meet your expectations. This is cruel and evil sadism. This is not nor should it be you. You ask us to be virtuous, and we can do this without your direction. Fearing you does not breed adulation. Release us from this. We are only human. This is how you designed us. Prove your unconditional love. This is what we ask of a reasonable and benevolent god.

If this plea appears demanding, perhaps we were spawned in your image after all.

Inspirational Viewing

I can think of no better way of ending this appeal to our Father in the heavens than with one of Christopher Hitchens last and greatest debates. And finally please enjoy the official video of XTC performing their 1980's smash hit, Dear God.

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