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Why the Gay Community is Doing Gay Rights All Wrong

The Wrong Approach

The gay community is seeing the big picture from a very narrow perspective. Because of political correctness most focus groups believe they have special needs unique to their demographics. By widening their field of view they would find that all these special rights which minorities, gays, and other groups struggle for including affirmative action which cheats white people can all be solved with one swift swipe of the pen because they all have one thing in common. They are not African Americans, Latinos, gays, lesbians, women, men, underprivileged, foreigners, poor, minorities, etc. They are all human beings.

Defining the Real Issue

What they are really asking for, although they do not know it, is for equal individual human rights. This means that no group of people are endowed with special rights, privileges, or protections over others such as for example like how government workers now get. They need to demand a restoration of the constitutional republic which was once the United States of America and the original intent of our founding fathers.

Under such law any of the aforementioned niceties would also exist for all people in the private sector. Therefore if you intend to privilege one group of people you better do it for everyone else and yes this includes same sex right to marry because under the law in our ideal United States no individual (or two in this case) may be denied a right that everyone else enjoys because of gender. Hence the right of same sex to marry really is a gender issue of limiting this human right only to select people. In other words they are being denied because of their gender.

The Solution

It is not only gays losing focus but essentially all political factions and special interest coalitions. They need to attack from a different more rational strategy which grows them to be an influential as strong as the NRA or AIPAC lobbies. We can only do this if we all stop supporting the narrow vision of these focus groups. The key is to unite under one umbrella to be a force for civil rights which the federal government cannot ignore. This is the only way to restore the republic to a constitutional one as was the original intent which honors us all as human beings instead of managing us like cattle.

We cannot and must not allow political correctness to divide us. It was designed with the intent to fracture the public so that it does not collude into a weighing political power.

I rest my case.

A Brilliant Quote from Facebook

Redmond Weissenberger shared LGBT Libertarians's photo:

"I do NOT support "marriage equality" and neither should you and I'll tell you why. "I support Marriage Equality" is just a euphemism for, "I believe the state is the proper authority on who can and cannot get married, so as such I believe the state should approve gay marriage". I say FUCK THIS. Everyone no matter if you're black, white, transgendered, queer, asexual, heterosexual, polyamorous, or monogamous has the RIGHT to enter into whatever legal arrangement he/she wants to with anyone else via voluntary private contracts. So in conclusion don't ASK the State to recognize Gay Marriage, rather DEMAND that it stay out of the institution of marriage altogether!"

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