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Why the Gay Community is Doing Gay Rights All Wrong

The Wrong Approach

The gay community is seeing the big picture from a very narrow perspective. Because of political correctness most focus groups believe they have special needs unique to their demographics. By widening their field of view they would find that all these special rights which minorities, gays, and other groups struggle for including affirmative action which cheats white people can all be solved with one swift swipe of the pen because they all have one thing in common. They are not African Americans, Latinos, gays, lesbians, women, men, underprivileged, foreigners, poor, minorities, etc. They are all human beings.

Defining the Real Issue

What they are really asking for, although they do not know it, is for equal individual human rights. This means that no group of people are endowed with special rights, privileges, or protections over others such as for example like how government workers now get. They need to demand a restoration of the constitutional republic which was once the United States of America and the original intent of our founding fathers.

Under such law any of the aforementioned niceties would also exist for all people in the private sector. Therefore if you intend to privilege one group of people you better do it for everyone else and yes this includes same sex right to marry because under the law in our ideal United States no individual (or two in this case) may be denied a right that everyone else enjoys because of gender. Hence the right of same sex to marry really is a gender issue of limiting this human right only to select people. In other words they are being denied because of their gender.

The Solution

It is not only gays losing focus but essentially all political factions and special interest coalitions. They need to attack from a different more rational strategy which grows them to be an influential as strong as the NRA or AIPAC lobbies. We can only do this if we all stop supporting the narrow vision of these focus groups. The key is to unite under one umbrella to be a force for civil rights which the federal government cannot ignore. This is the only way to restore the republic to a constitutional one as was the original intent which honors us all as human beings instead of managing us like cattle.

We cannot and must not allow political correctness to divide us. It was designed with the intent to fracture the public so that it does not collude into a weighing political power.

I rest my case.

A Brilliant Quote from Facebook

Redmond Weissenberger shared LGBT Libertarians's photo:

"I do NOT support "marriage equality" and neither should you and I'll tell you why. "I support Marriage Equality" is just a euphemism for, "I believe the state is the proper authority on who can and cannot get married, so as such I believe the state should approve gay marriage". I say FUCK THIS. Everyone no matter if you're black, white, transgendered, queer, asexual, heterosexual, polyamorous, or monogamous has the RIGHT to enter into whatever legal arrangement he/she wants to with anyone else via voluntary private contracts. So in conclusion don't ASK the State to recognize Gay Marriage, rather DEMAND that it stay out of the institution of marriage altogether!"

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Shock and Awe" Mass Crises Are State Generated: Terrorism, Illegal Immigration, and Killing Sprees

Public Manipulation on Steroids

There is a reason why whenever the public faces a real or perceived crises the government always steps in to offer up a bad solution which on its face almost sounds reasonable but in reality it was the real goal all along. We must acknowledge that it is the state itself which deliberately stages the conditions which can generate a crises so weighing that it is sometimes called shock and awe. This leaves the public in a position of being compelled to turn to the government for almost any temporary fix just to feel a little bit of relief leaving us all in a bubble of false security. Hence the state expertly practices public manipulation on steroids as it sells us on a bad solution by making us an offer that we can't refuse.

The Goals of the Strategy

This 3-step strategy is a genuine conspiracy known as the Hegelian Dialectic but David Icke coined a simpler more memorable phrase: Problem, Reaction, Solution. He often speaks on this as illustrated in the short video David Icke - Manipulation Techniques: Problem Reaction Solution. Another fine short article can be found at the Anything Box: Problem Reaction Solution. These sources were given to explain this simple strategy in greater detail. Instead, the goals of sponsoring such a program of manipulation are discussed and three examples from current events are cited.

The long-term goals are easy to decipher because they always trend in the same glaring direction. We just need to stop giving the state which never ceases to betray us the benefit of the doubt and stop dismissing enlightened individuals as conspiracy theorists or whackos because most really do arrive at their hypothesis by evidence. What they do is to take relevant publicly available information to connect the dots in such a way that a bleak but rational and authentic image of reality emerges.

The core agenda of those who manipulate the public psyche are:

  • To grow or secure the government resulting in expanding its authority and suspending or eroding our liberties.
  • The steady transfer of wealth or capital from the poor and middle classes to the upper which results in even more anemic representation for the public and greater dependence on the state.
  • To erase national borders in steps so that all nations drift toward a one-world-government which in the end-game is a new world order.

These three goals will leave us with no political leverage and all power concentrated in the hands of the privileged elite or ruling class who are often captains of industry especially in finance. This will set the U.S. and the world hundreds of years into the past when political power rested solely in the hands of very wealthy landlords, people of nobility, and monarchs. Constitutional rights will be replaced by state sponsored collectivism and subjugation. Think of it as the Patriot Act on steroids. Most individuals will exist only as highly regimented serfs or drones serving the state and the ruling class.

A similar political hierarchy already exists in the U.S. and other so-called free nations. It is called corporatism. This is just a small taste of the big brother Orwellian nightmare they have planned for us. Please view New World Order - The Facts for testimonial evidence of this.

Three Examples of Problem-Reaction-Solution

1. Terrorism and Limiting Rights

The attack on 9/11 created a problem which the public perceived as a threat that needed to be managed immediately. About three thousand people perished on that day and no buildings were now considered safe from harm not even the Pentagon. Public perception now viewed terrorism as having the potential to strike almost anywhere and such attacks may eventually be nuclear.

It is believed by truthers that elements within the state department, especially those known as neocons but it is not limited to them, may have planned or were well aware of the impending threat and deliberately permitted it. This is what most people call an inside job. And yes, the evidence is overwhelming as cited in many documentaries such as The New American Century (embedded below). Another film to watch is War Made Easy: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death (also embedded below). Although not about 9/11 it carefully dissects how the federal government manipulates the public into supporting its aggressive colonialism. Such principles are easily extended to the U.S. led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan among many.

The public reaction was to agree with the government to impose justice by any means necessary and to reduce the threat of terrorism. Instead the federal government quickly stepped in and while claiming to have evidence of those responsible, sold us a solution which resulted in expanding its authority with the Patriot Act (and later NDAA of 2012 and 2013) and invasion of two middle eastern nations which were not harboring those responsible. However, this positioned the U.S. to control local middle eastern petroleum and other resources. This may have been the real goal. The U.S.-Mexico border is also kept porous thus maintaining an open avenue from which future terrorists can enter hence justifying the further erosion of our liberties. More of this in item 2.

Occupying the middle east also sets the stage for an invasion of other local nations and a strategic position from which the U.S. can answer a potential Russian or Chinese response to its imperialism. One great example is Iran which the U.S. government is essentially alleging to be a rogue nation ruled by a dictator with potential nuclear strike capabilities. This is the justification cited for a possible military invasion and occupation however as indicated before, the Russians have already warned the U.S. that they will not tolerate such a strategy. But just by coincidence Iran has very rich oil reservoirs.

2. Illegal Immigration and Erasing Borders

Borders which are deliberately maintained porous by the federal government permit massive illegal immigration to the U.S. especially on its southern border and they are even rewarded for this. Hence this is a state generated problem which harms society in terms of lost jobs, lower wages, higher taxes, and less opportunity. Immigrants come here not just for the jobs but for the many benefits handed to them by Uncle Sam and our tax dollars. Their children born in U.S. soil are by birthright U.S. citizens. This qualifies them for collecting entitlements and special protections by the government, for eventual guaranteed citizenship for parents of said child, and for later chain migration of other family members. Hence children born in the U.S. are sometimes called anchor babies.

The public reaction is to demand of the state to stop the flow of illegal immigration. Reasonable measures often suggested are ending their entitlements, building a wall on the southern border with Mexico, enforcing immigration laws especially in the workplace, and to do away with birthright citizenship. Instead the state's solution is to build a 700-mile wall that is poorly funded and has many long gaps with which it installs sensors. It calls this type of wall a "virtual fence." However, it not only refuses to limit federally funded rewards to illegals, instead it attempts to expand on them with niceties such as the dream act which would have granted many young illegal immigrants with college scholarships and citizenship. This act failed in Washington during the second term of the Bush administration but it is believed that the Obama administration (now in his second term) will attempt to give illegal aliens amnesty in a piece-meal fashion.

Of course the goal is very easy to decipher. The government is generating multiculturalism because this divides and weakens the public while it steadily erases borders as it marches toward a one-world-government. And none of this even mentions NAFTA (1994) which brought the U.S., Mexico, and Canada closer to merging into one economy and one nation. For more information on illegal immigration please view The Line in the Sand: The Consequences of Illegal Immigration into the USA.

3. Killing Sprees and Gun Rights

Killing sprees by crazed gunmen at public places such as the Aurora, CO movie theater and educational institutions especially the Sandy Hook Elementary School left many people feeling vulnerable for themselves and their children. However public places are exposed to such attacks because the public in most states are prohibited to open or conceal carry especially in schools because they are cited by federal law as "Gun-Free School Zones" (see GFSZA of 1990).

This is a federally sponsored problem because it makes it unlawful for law-abiding people who do not have a permit to carry concealed arms in a public place. Conceal carry permits are usually only limited to very few individuals who have special needs because of who they are (status in society or their celebrity) or their profession. It is even illegal for educators and other professionals especially commercial pilots who under most circumstances would be the first and only line of defense. Recall that on 9/11 all pilots were strong armed with mere box cutters. It is also unlawful in most states such as California to open carry. In 2012 Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law prohibiting open carry of rifles and shotguns. It is expected that he will next target our sidearms.

The public's reaction was to turn to the government for help in making public schools and other public places safer. The solution offered by the government is to put further restrictions on guns and assault weapons which on its face appear to mitigate the problem but it would actually accelerate it. It trends toward eroding our Second Amendment rights leading to the eventual goal of disarming the public.

Since outlaws do not obey the law and will likely acquire munitions in the black market, gun control results in a public so vulnerable and exposed that they become even more dependent on the state for their safety. The fact that the war on drugs has failed is evidence that all levels of government cannot keep contraband out of reach of the criminal elements. Such a policy of disarming the public will grow the government with more public safety personnel (especially peace officers) and perhaps new bureaucracies resulting in extending their already overbearing authority. It also grants the state a tactical advantage over the public if it should ever rise up with force to demand positive political change.

As it stands now, schools remain free killing zones because would be spree killers can be safely confident that they will face no opposition while carrying out their assault. Please view The History of Gun Control for the resulting consequences of a disarmed public.


Observe that all three real-life scenarios provide solutions which trend toward greater authority for the state and a one-world-government. A similar case can be made for the Wall Street housing bubble that went bust in 2008. However instead of jailing bankers responsible for the fraud that created the mass economic crises and allowing their banks to fail as they did in Iceland, the federal government rewarded them with massive bailouts into the billions which many CEO's secured for their fat bonuses or golden parachutes.

More examples of this program of deception can be found at Historical Evidence of Problem Reaction Solution. Also please view Alan Watt on Alex Jones Infowars Complete Oct-2010 Interview (embedded below) for other ways the government manipulates the public and the long term goals of the ruling class. And last but certainly not least,please view Welcome To The New World Order (Full Length HD Film) 1/2 and Welcome To The New World Order (Full Length HD Film) 2/2 (these two embedded below) for a detailed examination of the new world order.

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