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What Is the New World Order?

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832)

I think a well planned conspiracy would be in it's very nature difficult to ever prove it exists. However there is much evidence that suggests the possibility of their existence. If one perceives a conspiracy there might be a good reason for having that state of mind. Time will tell. - Stefan Molyneux

Defining the New World Order

The New World Order (NWO) is often called a conspiracy theory but much evidence exists to suggest that it may be a conspiracy fact of a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda. The evidence is all around us. We only need the ability to connect the dots in the right way so that a sinister picture of reality emerges.

Such a group of despots are often called the Illuminati. These people are usually either presidents, prime ministers, or monarchs or they are captains of industry especially the banking and finance cartels whose high executives (CEO's, V,P's, etc,) are almost always Jewish-Zionist and are typical members of the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, and/or Council On Foreign Relations. They may also be the same people behind all central banks especially the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England. It is believed that they are conspiring to eventually rule the world through a totalitarian one world government which replaces sovereignty of all nation states.

A similar political hierarchy already exists in the U.S. and other so-called free nations. It is called corporatism. This is just a small taste of the big brother Orwellian nightmare they have planned for us. Please view New World Order - The Facts for testimonial evidence of this. The second video below is a very well done documentary on the Bilderberg Group.

Broadening the Scope

Every world war has brought many nations closer to this. The failed League of Nations after World War I was an attempt at this. Then there was the NATO alliance and WARSAW pact which were founded out of the ashes of World War II. Out of it also came the United Nations which is made up of member nations that are somewhat cooperating to unite the world under a common government. Out of NATO came the European Union which is really nothing more than a "super-nation" with a common currency and economy. Then came NAFTA which brought all three North American nations closer to unification. The fact that the United States permits illegal immigration is a very evident sign that their intentions are to erase borders. All steps are moderate and never too drastic so as not to generate public anxiety which might lead to restless activism.

Fleeing the U.S. does us no good because the U.S. and most western nations are cooperating with the NWO agenda. Nations which resist may be the imputes for a World War III. The fact that the United States may have imperialist designs on Iran which would also draw in the Soviet Union is evidence of its goal. This is the war which is expected to draw in all resisting nations into the NWO. A victory by the West over resisting super powers nations would at first draw in all the giants like China, India, Russia, etc. But once all the superpowers are in all other countries are very likely to fall like dominoes.

Protecting the New Regime

Of course there will always be pockets of resistance but they can be crushed by what I call the installation of local Apartheid governments (non-racist but operates on the formation of a privileged economic class) whereby all counties will compensate state employees with very lucrative packages which include outrageous pay and benefits fit for king, early retirement pensions, extra privileges, and special protections and rights. This generates fierce loyalty to the state. We see much of this with the U.S. where governments at all levels outspend themselves granting very fat early retirement pensions to peace officers and feds. This kind of a model is necessary to grow government just big enough to enslave its own population.

Some people such as theoretical physicist Michio Kaku suggest this is a good thing but there are many more compelling reasons why this would be very harmful to the security of all people in any society around the globe including the United States. Such a world would be ruled by the very same plutocrats who have drawn us into all world wars among many others. They are also the people who through campaign financing and lobbing hijacked our government thus eroding civil rights because they need a government which subjugates free citizens. It would produce a world society of highly regimented drones and Manchurian citizens. We would all be at the mercy of such despots who can on a whim decide that this race or that one is inferior or obsolete resulting in their order to euthanize us or outright genocide.

Please view Welcome To The New World Order (Full Length HD Film) 1/2 and Welcome To The New World Order (Full Length HD Film) 2/2 (these two embedded below) for a detailed examination of the new world order.

For Conspiracy Theory Naysayers

The image above shows the locations of about 5 dozen FEMA camps scattered across the United States and it made me realize that the federal government is not trying to undo its past negligences. It is always doing things to enclose us all into an ever shrinking box of liberties.

The overwhelming police presence at recent occupy any-street protests which sizzled away, the steady erosion of our civil rights with the unconstitutional Patriot Act and NDAA of 2012-13, along with granting Wall Street the privilege of managing the entire money supply through the Federal Reserve, and that no executives from Wall Street firms were jailed for fraud during the economic bust but instead got bailouts tells us one thing. The present government is illegitimate and its public policy is managed by the ruling class who therefore intend to remain in power by protecting the state through martial law. This is evidence that the United States is now a police state which serves the elite. We have become their slaves.

Therefore when it builds so many FEMA camps they are not concerned with disaster relief or our security or welfare. The steady the erosion of our constitution is going as planned and these camps have the real utility of prison or concentration camps for indefinite detention of all dissenters of this fascist regime. And when the time is ripe, just like in Third Reich Germany, people will be encouraged to inform on their friends and even family who voice concerns or speak seditious about the state.

This is not the delusion of like-minded paranoid individuals. It is how to connect the dots of freely available public information so that a bleak but rational image of reality emerges. It is a conspiracy fact.

Concluding Remarks

There is no such thing as freedom under the rule of any government. The fact of the matter is that no government works to serve the people. At best it provides the minimum necessary protections to keep the drones healthy, safe, and working happily especially while paying a steady stream of taxes (this is really extortion and what makes us slaves to the state) while believing they are free.

The first video below is of David Icke explaining how the elite are reigning in the NWO and who they are. As a Jew himself he identifies them as Jewish Zionists and the elite of the elite being the Rothschild dynasty.

The following short video is of Alex Jones describing in his own words exactly what the NWO is.

From the video description on the YouTube page: We are on a road that leads straight to the World War 3, but in order to see that and to fully understand what is at stake you have to look at the big picture and connect the dots. This video examines the history of the dollar, its relation to oil, and the real motives behind the wars of the past two decades.

From the video description on the YouTube page: Moscow's warned Washington against striking Iran. Russia's chief-of-staff revealed on Wednesday the U.S. could attack Iran after wrapping up its campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. He claimed his American counterpart had told him about the possibility. In an exclusive interview to RT, General Nikolai Makarov outlined Moscow's concerns.

The following clip is of George H.W. Bush Sr. mentioning the NWO on several occasions one of which occurred on September 11, 1991. This is exactly ten years from the date of the attack on 9/11. Other notable figures who used this phrase are Bill Clinton and George W. Bush Jr among others.

The following fictional film is a cinematic portrayal of George Orwell's novel, 1984, in which he envisions the entire world governed by a one world government. In such a state all Individuals exist as highly regimented drones who serve the state with almost blind unquestioned loyalty. In such a society human rights are secondary to collectivism as demanded under such a totalitarian rule.

Top image courtesy of Jason Hommel's Silver Stock Report. Next image of FEMA Camps courtesy of Google Maps.

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