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How to Brainwash an Entire Population

In the United States young children begin to recite the pledge of allegiance every morning from K-12. There is something very wrong with any public institution which requires allegiance to one's country (or flag) before a child even knows the meaning of the words. This is naked indoctrination with statism and nationalism.


I do not owe anyone any apologies for having very unpopular beliefs or virtues which are not politically correct. No one should. But what is political correctness anyway? It is an attempt by some very cunning despots in positions of power to limit our thoughts, to shape our opinions, to mold our values, to moderate our speech, and to influence our behaviors. It is really nothing short of brain washing an entire society or population to serve these unseen oligarchs. This article addresses how and why such a program is advanced.

This topic is addressed because it is key in understanding why the public, despite the many abuses by and therefore mistrust for the state, is so easily maneuvered by it. It is based on my own analysis of what and why this mind-control conditioning is employed.

One example of such a segment of society are atheists. They fancy themselves as free thinkers but many of them are still very closed minded because of questionable principles which were conditioned during their entire lives. For example:

  • Many still vote for or support two-party moderates despite their long track record of failures and betrayals.
  • Many still believe that they need the state to manage society despite its unfailing history of abuse, poor management, and leaning policy toward those who can afford to buy its representation.
  • Many still defend Zionism and the criminal conduct of both the United States and Israel without even considering other viewpoints or alternative independent sources.
  • Many carry the default position of first granting the state (government at all levels) the benefit of the doubt and not requiring proof or evidence yet require evidence of all others who carry alternative theories
  • And many other things that demonstrate just how free thinking they are not.

The Program

The evidence of a program to maneuver public opinion is all around us. We just need to recognize it and connect the dots to see the bigger picture that is staring us right in the face. If your views mirror the predominant virtues of society chances are they are not your own. They were likely programmed by a lifetime of mass media, corporate, religious, and state propaganda and indoctrination.

It begins early into childhood in both public and private schools. The goal is to influence one's thoughts, speech, attitudes, and behaviors well before they are adults resulting in a fully managed society of adults who believe they are independent thinkers but are actually running on autopilot. This programming includes a whole array of questionable principles such as miseducation, statism, socialism, hidden Marxism, Zionism, collectivism, patriotism, consumerism, propaganda, political correctness, religion, etc. However, most people are not the least bit aware of the grip on one's mind institutions like the state and the church have on them.

Five Key Points for Defining Social Indoctrination

Dictionary.com defines indoctrinate as: to instruct in a doctrine, principle, ideology, etc., especially to imbue with a specific partisan or biased belief or point of view. This definition is far too broad and does not distinguish it from other forms of conditioning. Social indoctrination has several elements to it that set it apart from education or training. The following are the five elements of most indoctrinated practices to capture our free will and program us. Not all are necessary but most exist for most aforementioned concepts.

  • It is a set of unproven or impossible to prove principles. This is because most are based on subjective ideologies.
  • Such principles are often instilled at such an age that the individual has not yet developed the critical reasoning abilities to recognize that they may be false. Instilling such ideals at a young age likely has the goal of cementing acceptance before their validity can be questioned.
  • But when they are questioned, they are met with slanted or apologetic answers or outright misrepresentation of facts or simply given highly slanted answers or justifications.
  • There is always an underlying hidden self-serving agenda for those in the ranks (oligarchs, legislators, clergy, appointed administrators, etc.) for requiring such a doctrine to be instilled.
  • It almost always (such as with religion, patriotism, collectivism, socialism, and statism) demands blind unquestioned loyalty or at the very least expects individuals to remain strictly obedient to this set of principles. Physical coercion or threats of force has always been employed by the state. Generally, most Christian faiths dropped violence long ago but have always practiced psychological coercion such as the concept of Hell for all non-forgiven sinners. However, some Islamic and fewer non-denominational Christian sects still practice violence especially onto women and children.

Such a program of indoctrination with questionable claims or principles has the goal of controlling society in many ways. This is what Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Noam Chomsky calls in his 1992 film by a similar name, Manufacturing Consent. Another great source on how to influence the masses is given by the Adam Curtis documentary, Century of the Self. All of this is really nothing more than brainwashing a democratic society so that they can be maneuvered into serving the will of the state which represents the will of of the power elite. Individuals who have not broken free of this indoctrination may be argued to have become Manchurian citizens.

To learn more about how the public is conditioned please view a 2010 Prison Planet production, Alan Watt – PrisonPlanet.tv Interview, in which he asserts that Americans are systematically debilitated through legislation, indoctrination (especially through television and mass media), and the deliberate execution of a shock and awe mass crises onto the general public. Similar nefarious revelations also occur in another Prison Planet interview, Charlotte Iserbyt: The Scientific Destruction of Minds For The Brave New World, where she alleges to have first-hand knowledge of how the Department of Education has been deliberately dumbing down the children of this great nation. These two sources are relevant because they reveal the malevolent nature of the federal government.

Further Reading and Viewing

The following are full-length independent documentary films, talks, or interviews that reveal the various indoctrinated concepts that protect the state. As a bonus, several documentaries on anarchism are also included:

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