Friday, February 15, 2013

Axioms to Live By

a hallowed calling...

the long sleep ahead of me
another moon has risen
floating through walls
insanity beckons
demented souls
glaring at me
their frosty breath
whispers in the dark
to never leave me

home is wherever you are...

fall into my arms.
share my breath.
no space between us.
occupy my soul.
live our dreams.
you complete me.
never let you go.

the homecoming...

leaves falling.
no will to eat.
mourning surrounds me.
melancholy memories.
monsters inside me.
relentless carnivores.
darkness nears.
i've done my best.
the long sleep upon me.
poured into my chest.
forgive me my sins.
finally home.

you had me at goodbye...

the scent that surrounds you.
red roses in bloom.
your soft olive skin.
your supple breasts, your inviting lips.
the warmth inside you.
i tow a line for your heart.
crushed dreams, shattered memories.
empty room, null spaces.
the cold dark cage inside me.
a void in my soul, longing for you.
your silhouette plagues me.
to never forget you, never again, nevermore.

"Just say no" to the war on drugs.

Extortion does not require consent.

Tolerating intolerance is intolerable.

In God We Trust = In Gov We Trust

Somewhere in the Bible hides page 666.

God is a figment of your indoctrination.

There is no bullshit like Shoah business.

Inside every atom hides an entire universe.

Is it better to fear death or to fear not living?

The best cure for a broken heart is a new heart.

You are the biggest obstacle to your own happiness.

God is a figment of your indoctrination.

If you repeat a crime often enough, it becomes legal.

Monkeys may not be our ancestors but fish certainly are.

I am as indoctrinated by evidence as you might be by faith.

The individual is the greatest and most oppressed minority.

If God answers your petty prayers, you both have your priorities confused.

If I was created in the ideal image of a perfect creator why am I so flawed?

An eargasm is that feeling that only a good song can induce during its climax.

They sneer at us for demanding the truth. We scoff at them for embracing the lies.

It is always a dangerous thing when truth is revealed by those who have no evidence.

I may not be related to Charles Manson but I am certain Marilyn Manson is my aunt. o_~

The first four commandments tells me that God is very jealous and insecure.

There is something very wrong with any faith which encourages us to fear our creator.

If life is not throwing you any curve balls, you were never in the game to begin with.

Facebook poking isn't just gay; It's Batman and Robin transgender post-op hardcore gay.

Finding the courage to question the very creator herself is expected of any benevolent god.

Supporting the troops but hating the war is like supporting the 19 hijackers but hating 9/11.

Heresy and blasphemy are very effective mechanisms by which to switch off intelligent inquiry.

The lack of evidence for Holocaust propaganda demonstrates that it is really just a hollow cause.

If a politician ever tries to sell you on, "it's for the children," it is clearly not "for the children."

If we were really made in the perfect image of God then it rationally follows that we do not exist either.

It is a fact of life that the hotter the chick the more disgusting are her secret or private habits. o_~

The most beautiful white princess excretes the very same foul and putrid substance as a black homeless man.

I feel so very honored to occupy the same cosmos and be made up of the very same elementary particles as you. o_~

If God really loves us why would he abandon us in the afterlife for being the very same human beings that he designed?

I have a deeply held conviction that we can learn far more from a single opposing view point than can be from a bunch of "yes men."

What does it say about the the official narrative of the holocaust when witnesses who were interned there live to tell their story?

What does it say about the United States when an American must take refuge in Russia to shelter him from our very own government?

The contract I have with God known as the Ten Commandments reminds me of another agreement I never signed on to -- the social contract.

Something is very wrong with any institution in which suffering or sacrificing oneself to protect it is regarded as the highest possible honor.

Intelligent Design for Dummies: Whacked out Christian fundamentalists who reject science but embrace its comforts, luxuries, and health benefits.

If science cannot yet solve the biggest mysteries of nature then how can we justify looking through a 2000 year old text in a desperate search for answers?

It is nothing short of arrogant narcissism to actually believe you have the answers which millions of scientists with PhD's throughout the world do not have.

The premise that our heavenly Father never subjected himself to the same test of faith and loyalty that He demands of us is itself a hypocrisy of the highest divine order.

I charge all present and former leaders of Israel with 6-million counts of conspiracy to defraud the German people and to indoctrinate the entire West with self-serving lies.

Why would a fat old man care to bring cheer and joy to children by taking them on his lap and offering them toys and treats? Isn't the answer obvious? Santa is a pedophile.

The goals of political correctness are to filter information, limit our thoughts, shape our opinions, mold our values, moderate our speech, influence our behaviors, and capture our free will.

If our benevolent and wise creator is really expected to judge us all in the afterlife wouldn't it be far more sensible to assume that he would have appeared before us at least once during our lifetime to read us our rights?

Americans tend to compare the United States to other nations and say it is not that bad. This is the wrong thing to do. The litmus test is to contrast our government to its constitution and then ask ourselves, is it still not that bad?

Let me see if I have this straight. God who surely loves his only son was willing to have him tortured for over three days just to set an example? So what must he think about us if he is willing to dispose of us all into a dark abyss for all eternity for not following his rules? That is not the love of a benevolent creator. It smells a lot like the naked sadist ambitions of a psychopath to me.

Why is it proper or permitted to single out so-called "terrorists" as Arabs or Muslims however it becomes racist or politically incorrect to identify the oligarchs as Jews or Zionists who are gaming the system, degrading our economy, enslaving us with their debt based fiat currency, and stirring wars throughout the globe? Turning our attention on Israel and Zionism has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. This is an important matter because when we speak of a ruling class we need to be able to name who they are.

Most people do not know what a constitution really is. Yes it is the "supreme law of the land" but it is something much more than that. It is a contract between the government and the governed. When this is ignored by either party it ceases to have any power. However if this contract is repeatedly violated by the institution of government, the state becomes illegitimate. If the now illegitimate state insists on continuing to manage a "free society" without their consent they become its servants. This is enslavement by the institution which was founded to serve the public and shelter them from harm. It occurs when the people remain apathetic as the state asks for an inch but takes a foot -- and then a leg.

If death should take me now, count my mistakes and let me through. All I ask is that I dine and drink with the gods in the halls of Valhalla. Hail to the Gods and Goddesses. Hail to the Kvasir and the Vali. Hail to Odin, Thor, and Freyr. Hail to Vali, Sif, and Hymda. Hail to Baldr, Bragi, and Elli. Hail to Freya, Loki, and Frig. Hail to Limd and Mimir. Hail to Nyorg, Ran, and Tyr. Hail to Odin's spear, Thor's hammer. Hail to the mighty second Earth. All hail.

We tend to worship people with the smoothest talk, the prettiest faces, and the nicest clothes. Generally speaking, those in business suits only want to take from you. It is individuals with calloused hands, purple thumbs, chalky fingers, oil stained pants, muddy boots, strained backs, sweaty brows, wrinkled faces and tired eyes who make it their life's mission to provide for you.

Let us examine what E=mc² really means: The mass-energy equivalence means that matter and energy are different states of the very same substance. We can think of matter as condensed energy much like the analogy that liquid water is condensed water vapor which is H²O of a higher energy state than its liquid state.

If you hold that you are one of God's "chosen people" and have your own special word for racism toward you, then it rationally follows that you feel entitled because you believe that you are of a race of a higher order and all goyim exist to serve you.

Icelanders solved their economic mess by holding those accountable who were most responsible for it and refusing to pay back debts which they rationally believed were brought about through fraud. Your country did the exact opposite.

If your views reflect the predominant values of the public chances are they are not your own. They were programmed into you by a lifetime of perpetual propaganda and indoctrination by the mainstream media, society, and the state.

As soon as we shed our ideological labels and conditioned questionable virtues we find that in full frontal view of the naked truth we are all united in the same mission of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

I do not think it is about racism. It is really about prejudices (do not confuse this with racism) which basically say, how can a white guy compete with a girl who has been touched by the wood of God?

Asking evolutionists if they have examined the case for "intelligent design" is like requiring gynecologists to have studied the "stork theory" before licensing them as medical doctors.

The American dream is voluntary indentured servitude to the banks for the duration of a third of two lifetimes in order to enjoy the privilege of leasing real property from the state.

The fool perpetuates old habits hoping things might change. The resourceful will test old habits to see which work best. The wise dump old habits and test new ones.

If we are to ban all assault weapons from the most murderous and reckless segment of society because we wish to save lives, we must first begin by disarming the state.

If you agree that the historical treatment of American Indians by the U.S. was reprehensible then it rationally follows that Israel's abuse of Palestinians is intolerable.

You will know that you are a typical "sheep" or "Manchurian citizen" if your sentiments reflect the predominant virtues of a dysfunctional society such as ours.

Unfriending real-life family and friends because of quarrels or arguments on the Internet is like disowning someone simply because they beat you at chess.

The difference between a birthright citizen and one who is naturalized is that a naturalized person actually chose to become an American citizen.

If a poor, hungry, destitute, and uneducated illegal alien who cannot yet speak your language can threaten your job what does this say about you?

For God loves us so much that he puts us all through an unbelievable test of faith and devotion. Such a test that he never subjected himself to.

I know that this nation is no longer worth defending when an American must seek asylum from Russia to shelter him from our own government.

I always embrace being falsely charged with anti-Semitism because it means that they do not have a rational moral response to my inquiry.

We were all spawned in the belly of stars. So forget the story of Genesis for now. Stars were impregnated so that we could live.

Mine eyes behold dark cumulus clouds looming overhead ready to burst with furious anger, that which blankets us the substance of life.

When we have to think deep and hard to find the difference between a good thing and a bad thing they must both be bad.

If police have no duty to protect us, as ruled by the U.S. Supreme Court, then how can the state justify disarming us?

If "God works in mysterious ways" how can any priest, pastor, reverend, or clergy really know his word or his plan?

Patriots tend to wear plain clothes. Traitors tend to wear uniforms. Heroes remove their uniform.

I know an institution is illegitimate if it is not held to the same standards as that of the individual.

It is your right to choose the state as long as you do not hijack my liberty to choose freedom.

Whenever an answer to a question is expected to be offensive, it is highly likely to be true.

If my mind were as open as yours is closed, my brain would have fallen out long ago.

Having liberty is more important than being alive for without it; life has no value.

The "holocaust" is nothing more than a "hollow cause" of illicit self-serving lies.

If God simply decided that he no longer wanted to "play God" would anyone notice?

If life is not throwing you any screw balls, it is giving you blue balls.

To acquire peace you must first make war with those who prevent it.

All positive political change begins with dissent and sedition.

If you do not learn from your own mistakes someone else will.

The state may own my body but it can never have my mind.

If they have limited your thoughts, you have been enslaved.

To embrace religion or patriotism is to reject humanity.

My skin is a virgin canvas -- no tats or piercings ever.

I am straight; not that there's anything wrong with it.

Voting to be on a winning team is a sure way to lose.

If God turned his back on us would anyone notice?

Dissent and sedition are mightier than the pen.

Fuck being friends let's be fuck friends.

Give me deathcore or give me death.

Same-sex marriage is gay.

God is an atheist.

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All axioms conceived by Jules Manson.

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