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Film Review: Argo (2012)

"Okay, you got 6 people hiding out in a town of what, 4 million people, all of whom chant 'death to America' all the livelong day. You want to set up a movie in a week. You want to lie to Hollywood, a town where everybody lies for a living. Then you're gonna sneak 007 over here into a country that wants CIA blood on their breakfast cereal, and you're gonna walk the Brady Bunch out of the most watched city in the world... We did suicide missions in the army that had better odds than this... We're going to need a script." - Alan Arkin as Lester Siegel in Argo as he accepts the role of producer for the fake film

This Warner Bros (official movie site) production is directed by and starring Ben Affleck who by the way is not Jewish. The film is produced by Grant Heslov, Affleck and George Clooney. Since Affleck's previous directing debuts, "Gone Baby Gone" and "The Town," he has become a critically acclaimed director and his fine directing skills are fully recognized in this film as it has been nominated by the Academy for a Best Picture Oscar and six other categories for a total of seven possible awards. Winning an award would not be his first contribution for an Oscar. He and Matt Damon scored an Academy Award for "Best Original Screenplay" for the 1997 film, Good Will Hunting.

This dramatic thriller is set in 1979 as the Iranian revolution nears to a climaxes while a critical mass of protesting Iranian students gain enough momentum to storm the U.S. embassy in Tehran. They hold 52 American hostages in a siege which lasted 444 days only releasing them just hours after Ronald Reagan was sworn in as president in 1980. It is said that Reagan's camp negotiated with Iran to hold them just long enough to have Jimmy Carter lose his bid for re-election. This would be Reagan's first "Ian-Contra" secret scandal occurring even before he was sworn as president. Also remember Carter's disastrous attempt to rescue the hostages which may have secured Reagan's election.

During the quickly developing siege we witness anxious military guards holding protesters back just long enough for embassy workers to desperately burn secret documents and break harddrives. What I wish to know is what information did all said documents carry? Were they protecting secrets to shelter the U.S. from scrutiny or were their mission so treasonous to the Iranian people that those embassy workers were really saving their own skins?

Before proceeding with the remainder of this review, please allow me to retrospect (next two paragraphs) on some relevant historical background. Recall that in 1953 it was the CIA which engineered
(with Operation Ajax) the overthrow of the democratic government and its prime minister right out of the very same embassy which was stormed in 1979. The motivation was control over its rich petroleum industry. It was then that Rouhollah Khomeini who protested the coup by the U.S. was imprisoned for 18 months and later released but he was compelled to find exile outside of Iran as he continued his very vocal protest which was recorded to reach out to the Iranian people. He may have invented the vlog decades before the Internet reached a broad audience and YouTube came into existence.

The U.S. successfully installed the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was really a pro-U.S. and pro-U.K.dictator. He instilled an environment of fear and intimidation while ruling with an iron fist imprisoning and torturing his political enemies and even ordered troops to massacre protestors. This eventually inspired the 1979 Iranian revolution which resulted in exile for the Shah to the United States and the return of Rouhollah Mousavi Khomeini as the Ayatollah. He promised democracy and oil production back in the hands of the Iranian people and Islam given back to a land which is 90% Muslim. For more details on Iran's recent history with CIA meddling please see the following video clip from the documentary entitled, Iran is Not the Problem (also embedded far below), which serves as an outstanding primer.

We all know how the  siege ended but most people are not aware of the other six Americans who were trapped inside Iran with no way to get out. Hence, this story is not about the hostages or recent CIA history in meddling in the affairs of Iran although such information is necessary to fully appreciate why Iranians harbored so much scorn for the U.S. It is about six Americans hiding behind enemy lines. These are the American refugees who
during the first hours of the siege sneaked out a back exit to the embassy. After being turned away by British and one other country's diplomats, they find temporary refuge in a leased townhouse of a Canadian ambassador.

Moreover it is the true story of a CIA agent, a very serious and cool mannered Tony Mendez played by Ben Affleck, who with a stroke of genius devises a plot to rescue all six refugees by masquerading them as Canadian film makers in Iran doing a location scout for a Canadian produced Hollywood movie. His supervisor, Jack O'Donnell played by actor Bryan Cranston who is best known for starring in the AMC series Breaking Bad, approves of his mission to fly to Los Angeles by reminding him, "Don't fuck up. The whole country is watching you. They just don't know it."

The story unfolds as he meets with John Chambers, a very jolly and funny Oscar winning Hollywood prosthetics and makeup guy played impeccably by John Goodman, who guides Mendez in who to meet and what they will need to produce a believable film that will never be produced. Chambers conveys to Mendez, "You can't build cover stories around a scrip that doesn't exist. You need a script. You need a producer... If you're going to do a twenty million dollars Star Wars rip off, you need somebody who is a somebody to put their name on it. Somebody respectable, with credits, who you can trust with classified information, who'll produce a fake movie, for free."

Chambers introduces Mendez to a big shot but lovable Hollywood producer, Lester Siegel performed flawlessly by Alan Arkin (nominated by the Academy for an Actor in a Supporting Role) whose character by the way is Jewish and whose favorite one-liner is a very funny, respectable, and non-malicious, "go fuck yourself." He tactfully exercises it several times when others disappoint him. He adds to it "...with all due respect" while negotiating with a writer to purchase the rights for the needed script that is entitled "Argo." At the time it was a script to a sci-fi movie sitting in limbo. In other scenes we also find that Chambers and Mendez are also tactfully catching the "go fuck yourself" bug. It later morphs to, "Argo fuck yourself."

Siegel and Mendez carefully orchestrate near all tasks needed to produce a believable film. They concoct a fake production company (Studio 6),
procure story boards for their fake film, and fill movie roles with actors who actually rehearse while in custom at a fancy press conference to generate attention from the press who will write articles about Argo in its initial production stages on periodicals like Variety Magazine. After all necessary tasks are completed, Mendez flies to Tehran to meet with the six refugees to train them on who they will masquerade as so that Iranian officials at the airport believe their stories and permit their departure.

Upon his arrival while driving in midtown Tehran Mendez is reminded on why his mission is a failure is not an option as his cab drives through an exhibition of a condemned man hanging from a crane for all to see. In a later scene while in the Canadian home, Mendez intensely grills the six refugees who were by now expected to know their characters. He interrogates one who cannot remember all his personal information, "What's your middle name? What's your middle name? What's your middle name? Shoot him! He's an American spy." It is a caution to every one that they must play their roles to perfection else a seemingly very minor mishap can result in all of their arrest and likely execution.

We witness all the twists and turns that a determined CIA agent must face to succeed in his operation including an intense moment where his minivan which was carrying all six American refugees is trapped in a sea of angry Iranian protesters taking to the streets. At one point the rescue plot is even called off by his supervisor O'Donnell while Mendez is in Iran who declares, "We're responsible for these people." In which O'Donnell replies, "What we are is required to follow orders. I'm sorry." After some deep thought Mendez calls back O'Donnell, "Somebody's responsible when things happen, Jack. I'm responsible. I'm taking things through."

The plot thickens to a climax as airport officials who are not very convinced intensely question all six and Mendez on who they are and their reasons for being in Iran. As affirmed before, it proves to be that moment in their lives in which all must perform their roles well enough to compete with any Academy Award winning actors else they would certainly be condemned to no different a fate than the man who was hanging from a crane. But airport officials do hesitantly allow them to depart. It is only minutes afterward that revolutionary guards discover that six refugees were staying at the Canadian home but have already left for their airport. As a result of this
police frantically chase the Swiss Air commercial jet which was carrying all of them and almost catch it as it is taking off on the runway.

So now I must ask is the CIA the good guys or the bad guys? They were willing to oppress an entire sovereign nation's people so that their government would serve American and British petroleum corporations but the CIA was almost willing to rescue six Americans. When we dismiss nationalism we find that they sacrificed millions of people's freedom for greed but considered to do the right thing with six others. And now the U.S. with the help of the CIA is possibly fabricating justifications and setting the stage for a U.S. invasion of Iran, a country which has not instigated a war in about 400 years. Not surprisingly Israel is fully endorsing such a program.

In a film in which Ben Affleck's character rarely smiles but he does impress us with a 16th of a smile (one corner of lips show a hint of a smile) only after all hostages are safely in a plane which has departed; I give this fine piece of cinema a most perfect Bo Derek 10 out of 10 and a prediction to win an Academy Award for Best Picture on Sunday Febrauary, 24, 2013. Roger Ebert
over at Chicago Sun Times also gives this film a perfect four out of four stars, Argo (R).

See the official movie trailer below and another short video of a great interview with Ben Affleck on directing and starring in Argo. Much more information on this film can be found at it's Wikipedia page, Argo (2012 film), and its Internet Movie Database entry, Argo (2012) - IMDb.

And finally please view the next fine documentary which defends Iran as a non-aggressive state.

The image above, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, shows us Ben Affleck as Tony Mendez and the gentleman on the right is a recent photo of the real Tony Mendez. For information on the real CIA agent Tony Mendez please visit his Wikipedia page, Tony Mendez. Top image courtesy of

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How to Brainwash an Entire Population

In the United States young children begin to recite the pledge of allegiance every morning from K-12. There is something very wrong with any public institution which requires allegiance to one's country (or flag) before a child even knows the meaning of the words. This is naked indoctrination with statism and nationalism.


I do not owe anyone any apologies for having very unpopular beliefs or virtues which are not politically correct. No one should. But what is political correctness anyway? It is an attempt by some very cunning despots in positions of power to limit our thoughts, to shape our opinions, to mold our values, to moderate our speech, and to influence our behaviors. It is really nothing short of brain washing an entire society or population to serve these unseen oligarchs. This article addresses how and why such a program is advanced.

This topic is addressed because it is key in understanding why the public, despite the many abuses by and therefore mistrust for the state, is so easily maneuvered by it. It is based on my own analysis of what and why this mind-control conditioning is employed.

One example of such a segment of society are atheists. They fancy themselves as free thinkers but many of them are still very closed minded because of questionable principles which were conditioned during their entire lives. For example:

  • Many still vote for or support two-party moderates despite their long track record of failures and betrayals.
  • Many still believe that they need the state to manage society despite its unfailing history of abuse, poor management, and leaning policy toward those who can afford to buy its representation.
  • Many still defend Zionism and the criminal conduct of both the United States and Israel without even considering other viewpoints or alternative independent sources.
  • Many carry the default position of first granting the state (government at all levels) the benefit of the doubt and not requiring proof or evidence yet require evidence of all others who carry alternative theories
  • And many other things that demonstrate just how free thinking they are not.

The Program

The evidence of a program to maneuver public opinion is all around us. We just need to recognize it and connect the dots to see the bigger picture that is staring us right in the face. If your views mirror the predominant virtues of society chances are they are not your own. They were likely programmed by a lifetime of mass media, corporate, religious, and state propaganda and indoctrination.

It begins early into childhood in both public and private schools. The goal is to influence one's thoughts, speech, attitudes, and behaviors well before they are adults resulting in a fully managed society of adults who believe they are independent thinkers but are actually running on autopilot. This programming includes a whole array of questionable principles such as miseducation, statism, socialism, hidden Marxism, Zionism, collectivism, patriotism, consumerism, propaganda, political correctness, religion, etc. However, most people are not the least bit aware of the grip on one's mind institutions like the state and the church have on them.

Five Key Points for Defining Social Indoctrination defines indoctrinate as: to instruct in a doctrine, principle, ideology, etc., especially to imbue with a specific partisan or biased belief or point of view. This definition is far too broad and does not distinguish it from other forms of conditioning. Social indoctrination has several elements to it that set it apart from education or training. The following are the five elements of most indoctrinated practices to capture our free will and program us. Not all are necessary but most exist for most aforementioned concepts.

  • It is a set of unproven or impossible to prove principles. This is because most are based on subjective ideologies.
  • Such principles are often instilled at such an age that the individual has not yet developed the critical reasoning abilities to recognize that they may be false. Instilling such ideals at a young age likely has the goal of cementing acceptance before their validity can be questioned.
  • But when they are questioned, they are met with slanted or apologetic answers or outright misrepresentation of facts or simply given highly slanted answers or justifications.
  • There is always an underlying hidden self-serving agenda for those in the ranks (oligarchs, legislators, clergy, appointed administrators, etc.) for requiring such a doctrine to be instilled.
  • It almost always (such as with religion, patriotism, collectivism, socialism, and statism) demands blind unquestioned loyalty or at the very least expects individuals to remain strictly obedient to this set of principles. Physical coercion or threats of force has always been employed by the state. Generally, most Christian faiths dropped violence long ago but have always practiced psychological coercion such as the concept of Hell for all non-forgiven sinners. However, some Islamic and fewer non-denominational Christian sects still practice violence especially onto women and children.

Such a program of indoctrination with questionable claims or principles has the goal of controlling society in many ways. This is what Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Noam Chomsky calls in his 1992 film by a similar name, Manufacturing Consent. Another great source on how to influence the masses is given by the Adam Curtis documentary, Century of the Self. All of this is really nothing more than brainwashing a democratic society so that they can be maneuvered into serving the will of the state which represents the will of of the power elite. Individuals who have not broken free of this indoctrination may be argued to have become Manchurian citizens.

To learn more about how the public is conditioned please view a 2010 Prison Planet production, Alan Watt – Interview, in which he asserts that Americans are systematically debilitated through legislation, indoctrination (especially through television and mass media), and the deliberate execution of a shock and awe mass crises onto the general public. Similar nefarious revelations also occur in another Prison Planet interview, Charlotte Iserbyt: The Scientific Destruction of Minds For The Brave New World, where she alleges to have first-hand knowledge of how the Department of Education has been deliberately dumbing down the children of this great nation. These two sources are relevant because they reveal the malevolent nature of the federal government.

Further Reading and Viewing

The following are full-length independent documentary films, talks, or interviews that reveal the various indoctrinated concepts that protect the state. As a bonus, several documentaries on anarchism are also included:

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Ten Reasons the War on Drugs Is Really a War on You

Update Notice: This article was updated on August 12, 2015 to reflect the latest events in marijuana legislation.


I need to make one thing very clear. I do not use drugs nor drink alcohol. Although cannabis may have some outstanding medicinal properties and potential industrial (hemp) uses it is not a completely harmless drug but I do agree that it is a very soft drug. However If you do not have a victim then how can you have a crime? Having said all this, I still say that all drugs should be decriminalized because violating such laws are all victimless offenses.

If you are attempting to decriminalize marijuana you have your priorities confused. There are many far more impacting causes on which we should stand up for such as the unlawful NSA bulk surveillance of the American people and the Patriot Act deliberate suspension of our civil rights. This results in the state steadily sinking us into corporatism (a soft form of fascism) and a highly regimented totalitarian society. What we should be doing is rising up to demand the restoration of our constitutional republic. This would cover a whole umbrella of suppressed rights including our freedom to consume any substances that are currently considered contraband.

Sinister Motives?

The war on drugs is not winnable and costing the public untold billions every year as revealed by the Drug War Clock at Furthermore, laws that prohibit the use or distribution of these controlled substances appears to have an underlying, sinister, self-serving agenda for those in government or private interests and not for the actual welfare of the general public as we are led on to believe.

This public policy currently has over one million non-violent drug offenders incarcerated. Perhaps society would have been better served if they had been given the option of substance abuse treatment like California has for non-violent first time drug offenders. By criminalizing such substances the federal government is indirectly encouraging criminal enterprises to operate because these substances which will always be in demand can now reap in huge profits. It makes criminals out of ordinary consumers and businessmen.

Ten Motives

Much evidence and witnesses testimony exists to suggest that the prohibition of all black market drugs is really a very successful totalitarian policy when we consider just a few of the following points:
  • Clientèle: Keep prisons well populated with clients (inmates). This enriches both public-sector labor unions and private prisons. In 2000, an article at, US: America’s Private Gulag, asserts that private prisons are one of the most lucrative and fastest growing industries in America. Moreover, they also lobby for tough on crime legislation with the likely goal of keeping prisons populated to and beyond capacity. A 2006 Bloomberg Businessweek piece, Private Prisons Have a Lock on Growth, reveals that “From 1995 to 2005, the country’s imprisoned population ballooned by more than 600,000.” Furthermore, a 2011 post at Cal Watchdog, Unions Root Cause Of Prison Problem, blames public unions for prison overcrowding and extraordinary cost overruns in California. This suggests that many who are serving time for non-violent drug offenses may actually be political prisoners.
  • Search: A pretext to extend the reach of police to search our person, our automobiles, and our homes without a search warrant for contraband that poses no immediate threat to life or property. This is similar to the Patriot Act and the war on terror. This gives police more power to abuse and coerce the public into obedience for a system that may not be serving their best interests.
  • Seizure: The government is given a license to steal automobiles and real property (homes) even when it has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that such items were used in the illegal distribution of controlled substances. A 2010 article at Reason Magazine, The Forfeiture Racket, reveals that many law enforcement jurisdictions are motivated to put this practice on overdrive to overcome impending deficits driven by outrageous compensation for their employees. Furthermore, it demonstrates how courts which are supposed to remain neutral are predominantly siding with the state unless a defendant or a victim of seizure is represented by an attorney to defend against this. Most do not take this route because attorney fees can be substantially higher than the value of seized property.
  • Judicial: The more criminal laws that exist the more difficult it becomes to avoid breaking them. This helps to keep court house judges, public defenders, and other employees well staffed. Criminal courts are also where fees, fines, seizures and other penalties are imposed.
  • Authoritarian: This extends control over the general public by justifying the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and other federal and local drug enforcement departments. Furthermore by keeping them well staffed it is a win-win for government workers and their unions but a huge loss for Joe Public who happens to be a casual user yet remains a functional and peaceful member of society.
  • Co-opt: In our lifetime America never had a free-market economy. The federal government tends to lean legislation in favor of big business and unions who can afford to co-opt it by providing funds to support all viable candidates within the same election race. Such corporate influence over the government (at all levels) and the economy is most striking with the 1913 passing of the Federal Reserve Act which granted a monopoly on our money supply to a private central bank. By criminalizing street drugs, especially marijuana, the drug market is controlled so that pharmaceutical corporations are granted an overwhelming advantage by minimizing competition from alternative and possibly far more effective forms of medication. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and alcohol and tobacco companies are also suspect to be complicit in this.
  • Imperialism: Impose control over local and overseas spheres of influence within illegal-drug exporting nations (e.g. Nicaragua, Columbia, Bolivia, Mexico, Afghanistan, etc.). It justifies the federal government to utilize its military to control the flow of narcotics. This is usually initiated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who will attempt to bribe heads of state into permitting our military to assist them. Such control is often extended to a host nation’s economy, infrastructure, and its freshly installed puppet government as revealed by former CIA contractor John Perkins in the 2009 documentary film, Apology of an Economic Hit Man and in his 2008 talk The Secret History of the American Empire. This foreign relations policy becomes very lucrative for defense contractors such as Lochkeed Martin and Raytheon, and construction companies like Halliburton an Bechtel.
  • Revenue: It provides an additional stream of money for federal agencies such as the CIA to fund illicit activities throughout the world upon which such funds and their sources must remain secret and therefore off the books. Perhaps these agents are also personally enriching themselves with this unaccountable source of wealth. CIA drug trafficking has been known for some time now yet suppressed by the mainstream media. This is very clearly revealed by an early (1988) Ron Paul interview, Ron Paul on CIA Drug Trafficking. Another such explosive revelation occurred in 1996 in a public forum as a former Los Angeles Police narcotics detective confronted then CIA Director John M. Deutch on how he witnessed drug trafficking by CIA agents. For more evidence please view CIA plane crash lands with four tons of coke | The Arnprior News and CIA Corruption – CIA Drug Trafficking.
  • Debilitation: No government agency truly wants to win the war on drugs. All evidence seems to suggest that it only wants to secure control over it and not cease flow as we are led on to believe. The real goal may be to keep feeding the public a controlled quantity just enough to debilitate it yet not so much that it becomes dysfunctional. Indirect evidence of this is revealed by a 2010 Prison Planet production, Alan Watt on Alex Jones Infowars Complete Oct-2010 Interview (HD, mirror) , in which he asserts that Americans are systematically debilitated through legislation, indoctrination (especially through television and mass media), and the deliberate execution of a shock and awe mass crises onto the general public. Similar nefarious revelations are also revealed in another Prison Planet interview, Charlotte Iserbyt: The Scientific Destruction of Minds For The Brave New World, in which she alleges to have first-hand knowledge of how the Department of Education has been deliberately dumbing down the children of this great nation. These two sources are relevant because they reveal the malevolent nature of the federal government. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to suggest that the government is systematically debilitating society with controlled or toxic substances.
  • Facade: This keeps society, especially young people, further under the subjugation of the state by creating the deception that the war on drugs exists to protect us from ourselves and criminals who distribute such substances. This facade is exactly that, an illusion because all evidence, betrayals, mismanagement, overspending, perpetual growth, and almost no accountability by the institution of government suggests that it is only there to serve itself and the entities who lobby to influence it. However, there may be a glimmer of hope to reverse some of this insanity as recent events demonstrate.

A Glimmer of Hope

In 1996, California citizens passed Proposition 215 to legalize medical marijuana. Since then, twenty two more states and the District of Columbia have passed their own legislation as informed by an article at, 23 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC, which legalizes the limited use, possession, cultivation, and distribution of cannabis. Of these, five states do not require a medical requirement for consumption as informed at an article at entitled States that Have Legalized Marijuana (for personal use). Currently there is one state, Pennsylvania, with pending legislation to legalize medical marijuana as revealed at another article entitled One State with Pending Legislation to Legalize Medical Marijuana. The success of such legislation is demonstrated at a 2011 episode of SoCal Connected entitled, Reefer Madness, on how in the City of Los Angeles there are now more pot clinics than Starbucks, McDonalds, and 7-Elevens combined.

A good source for learning about the legal specifics within your jurisdiction is to visit, NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). It also provides a wealth of information on both news and activism to get the prohibition on marijuana repealed.

Regardless, one must always remain vigilant. At the federal level it is still illegal as the presidency of George W. Bush often reminded us with DEA raids on medical marijuana dispensaries. President Obama has promised not to enforce federal laws in states where medical marijuana has been legalized. Thus far there are mixed reports on whether he has been true to his word.

Closing Thoughts

The cold hard reality is that almost no one in government truly cares for the welfare of the general public. Almost every law with the perceived goal of micromanaging one’s personal life or protecting society, such as criminalizing victimless offenses and nanny-state laws, is an agenda for privileged opportunists in society who have hidden, self-serving motives. The war on drugs is really a war on you. Just say no to this betrayal.

Recommended Reading and Viewing

A following are good sources to learn more about or combat the authoritarian war on drugs. The following are full documentaries for more on how the federal government supports the drug trade and why it perpetuates the losing battle which is the war on drugs.

Top image courtesy of High Times Magazine.

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The Dignified Ten Commandments

500 Years of Lost Progress?

Let us never forget the burning of the Library at Alexandria by early Christians, the Roman inquisition and imprisonment of Galileo, and of course the dark ages of European history. Without religion history would not have witnessed in 1492 a human discovering the "new world;" it would have observed, " small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." That is about how far Christianity has set us back.

Although the church is now relatively peaceful when contrasted with its very barbaric and totalitarian past; it is still harmful to technological and social progress because it relies on blind faith in ancient man who did not have the luxury of modern science and technology to explain the natural world and therefore depended on myths and superstitions.

On Who's Authority God or Man?

People living 2000 years ago have as much authority over our lives as we do for those living 2000 years from now. Still many people value the bible for its code of moral principles even if they find many of its fantastic tales such as Genesis and Noah's Ark unbelievable. But even these fail sadly if we examine just the first four commandments which essentially demand adulation for a very jealous and insecure creator.

It is because of this that I derived my own set of sensible commandments which would have been made by a dignified deity who cared far more about sheltering us from harm than for acknowledgment of his grand design.

A Better Set of Divine Orders

The Ten Commandments of the Old Testament are clearly not the work of a divine creator. They are flawed beyond reason and do a poor job of hiding their deceptive intentions. If a benevolent creator exists after all we do not need to fear him into submission. If he had any commandments at all they would probably read more like the following:

  1. Thou shall not honor nor acknowledge me, your God, your creator, or any other gods.
  2. Thou shall not maim nor commit murder other than in defense of life or property.
  3. Thou shall not build oppressive or imperialist institutions.
  4. Thou shall not create laws that punish those for committing victimless offenses.
  5. Thou shall not embed thyself in an unwilling person’s personal space.
  6. Thou shall take personal responsibility for everything thy do.
  7. Thou shall not bear false witness upon thy neighbor.
  8. Thou shall use science for the common good not for murder or oppression.
  9. Thou shall not overpopulate her mothership.
  10. Thou shall honor her starship, all her children, and all her majestic beasts and beautiful creatures.
  11. Bonus: Thou shall not hoard more resources than can be expended in one entire life time.

This post is dedicated to the late Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011) who derived his own set of ten commandments a few years before his passing.

Top image courtesy of The Hand of God.

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An Open Letter to Police Officers and Our Heroes in the Military

Only very few of us are capable of following the challenging path you have taken. It takes a sound mind, immense courage, a big heart, and a strong body to have the right stuff. We also acknowledge that it is a very perilous profession in which you risk sacrificing everything. For this we greatly appreciate and honor you. As a public servant who was sworn to protect or to defend, you also serve as a good role model for the rest of us to emulate. Many of us even consider you our heroes especially our children and elderly who are most vulnerable.

But lately you have been at a crossroads where you must now make a decision. One that has you pondering the oath you have taken and what it really means to be American. Do you honor our individual rights as expressly demanded by the supreme law of the land or do you maintain the rule of law imposed by our local jurisdiction or mandated by your commanders? Many local and federal laws or directives from the ranks violate our constitutional rights especially those grouped as the Bill of Rights.

In their wisdom our founding fathers cited such stipulations to limit the scope and powers of government and prevent it from becoming pernicious. America once took pride in serving as a world beacon of freedom and democracy but we can no longer declare this if you participate in an abuse of authority. Without protections from the American Constitution we become mere tax slaves. But it can only secure us if you acknowledge it and reflect on how it has also benefited you and your loved ones. If you ignore this it ceases to have any substance and it can no longer shelter anyone.

Freedom is more important than being alive because without it life has no value. This is not the America that we grew up with. What will our children inherit? Will we disappoint them as we comfortably sit back in apathy or should we gather up our courage to rise up and change things? Valor is not a slogan that only belongs to the brave few who serve the state. It also belongs to patriots who refuse to remain obedient on their knees despite the possible consequences. Other than self-sacrifice, there is no higher honor.

A true officer of the peace or a hero in the service of our country would never serve the state before protecting their own people. It takes far more courage to disobey orders than to have an overwhelming advantage while blindly following those that would oppress your own countrymen. Never allow them to convince you that we are criminals when we peacefully exercise any of our individual rights even if this results in our assembly. We are your own civilian children, brothers and sisters, parents, in-laws, friends, friends of friends, and strangers and acquaintances that you would have loved if only you had known us.

No higher dishonor or indignity exists on the trusted few who have turned on us. There is nothing patriotic or American about it. Abuse of authority that suspends civil rights is unlawful and an unforgivable betrayal to your country despite where the orders originate from.

No one can force you to do anything without your conscious consent. Despite what your commanders might say or pressure you with, you do have the right to refuse to follow unlawful orders. The responsibility therefore lies solely with you. The decision you make is one that you will have to live with for the rest of your life and one that we will never forget. It may also be one that will resonate throughout the ranks in the conscience of your commanders and most importantly, in the hearts and minds of your fellow Americans. Whether the impact is positive or negative is really up to you.

Please never forget that despite the honorable uniform that we clothe you with, you are still one of us. We trust that you will do the right thing. May peace, prosperity, security, and happiness always find you. But this is only possible if you honor your oaths.

Recommended Reading and Viewing

Please view the following two very inspiring short-films: Oath Keepers Declaration of Orders We Will NOT Obey and Amazing Speech By War Veteran (Mike Prysner). They are relevant to all who are in the service of protecting the public from internal hostilities or external aggression. These are our police officers and military soldiers who are instituted to heroically serve and protect or to defend with honor and duty.

For more on the Oath Keepers please visit whose motto happens to be (also very honorably): not on our watch.

And finally if you are a civilian reading this it is very important to know your rights during a confrontation with police. The following video entitled, 10 Rules for Dealing with Police (Full-Length), does an excellent job at explaining this.

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Axioms to Live By

a hallowed calling...

the long sleep ahead of me
another moon has risen
floating through walls
insanity beckons
demented souls
glaring at me
their frosty breath
whispers in the dark
to never leave me

home is wherever you are...

fall into my arms.
share my breath.
no space between us.
occupy my soul.
live our dreams.
you complete me.
never let you go.

the homecoming...

leaves falling.
no will to eat.
mourning surrounds me.
melancholy memories.
monsters inside me.
relentless carnivores.
darkness nears.
i've done my best.
the long sleep upon me.
poured into my chest.
forgive me my sins.
finally home.

you had me at goodbye...

the scent that surrounds you.
red roses in bloom.
your soft olive skin.
your supple breasts, your inviting lips.
the warmth inside you.
i tow a line for your heart.
crushed dreams, shattered memories.
empty room, null spaces.
the cold dark cage inside me.
a void in my soul, longing for you.
your silhouette plagues me.
to never forget you, never again, nevermore.

"Just say no" to the war on drugs.

Extortion does not require consent.

Tolerating intolerance is intolerable.

In God We Trust = In Gov We Trust

Somewhere in the Bible hides page 666.

God is a figment of your indoctrination.

There is no bullshit like Shoah business.

Inside every atom hides an entire universe.

Is it better to fear death or to fear not living?

The best cure for a broken heart is a new heart.

You are the biggest obstacle to your own happiness.

God is a figment of your indoctrination.

If you repeat a crime often enough, it becomes legal.

Monkeys may not be our ancestors but fish certainly are.

I am as indoctrinated by evidence as you might be by faith.

The individual is the greatest and most oppressed minority.

If God answers your petty prayers, you both have your priorities confused.

If I was created in the ideal image of a perfect creator why am I so flawed?

An eargasm is that feeling that only a good song can induce during its climax.

They sneer at us for demanding the truth. We scoff at them for embracing the lies.

It is always a dangerous thing when truth is revealed by those who have no evidence.

I may not be related to Charles Manson but I am certain Marilyn Manson is my aunt. o_~

The first four commandments tells me that God is very jealous and insecure.

There is something very wrong with any faith which encourages us to fear our creator.

If life is not throwing you any curve balls, you were never in the game to begin with.

Facebook poking isn't just gay; It's Batman and Robin transgender post-op hardcore gay.

Finding the courage to question the very creator herself is expected of any benevolent god.

Supporting the troops but hating the war is like supporting the 19 hijackers but hating 9/11.

Heresy and blasphemy are very effective mechanisms by which to switch off intelligent inquiry.

The lack of evidence for Holocaust propaganda demonstrates that it is really just a hollow cause.

If a politician ever tries to sell you on, "it's for the children," it is clearly not "for the children."

If we were really made in the perfect image of God then it rationally follows that we do not exist either.

It is a fact of life that the hotter the chick the more disgusting are her secret or private habits. o_~

The most beautiful white princess excretes the very same foul and putrid substance as a black homeless man.

I feel so very honored to occupy the same cosmos and be made up of the very same elementary particles as you. o_~

If God really loves us why would he abandon us in the afterlife for being the very same human beings that he designed?

I have a deeply held conviction that we can learn far more from a single opposing view point than can be from a bunch of "yes men."

What does it say about the the official narrative of the holocaust when witnesses who were interned there live to tell their story?

What does it say about the United States when an American must take refuge in Russia to shelter him from our very own government?

The contract I have with God known as the Ten Commandments reminds me of another agreement I never signed on to -- the social contract.

Something is very wrong with any institution in which suffering or sacrificing oneself to protect it is regarded as the highest possible honor.

Intelligent Design for Dummies: Whacked out Christian fundamentalists who reject science but embrace its comforts, luxuries, and health benefits.

If science cannot yet solve the biggest mysteries of nature then how can we justify looking through a 2000 year old text in a desperate search for answers?

It is nothing short of arrogant narcissism to actually believe you have the answers which millions of scientists with PhD's throughout the world do not have.

The premise that our heavenly Father never subjected himself to the same test of faith and loyalty that He demands of us is itself a hypocrisy of the highest divine order.

I charge all present and former leaders of Israel with 6-million counts of conspiracy to defraud the German people and to indoctrinate the entire West with self-serving lies.

Why would a fat old man care to bring cheer and joy to children by taking them on his lap and offering them toys and treats? Isn't the answer obvious? Santa is a pedophile.

The goals of political correctness are to filter information, limit our thoughts, shape our opinions, mold our values, moderate our speech, influence our behaviors, and capture our free will.

If our benevolent and wise creator is really expected to judge us all in the afterlife wouldn't it be far more sensible to assume that he would have appeared before us at least once during our lifetime to read us our rights?

Americans tend to compare the United States to other nations and say it is not that bad. This is the wrong thing to do. The litmus test is to contrast our government to its constitution and then ask ourselves, is it still not that bad?

Let me see if I have this straight. God who surely loves his only son was willing to have him tortured for over three days just to set an example? So what must he think about us if he is willing to dispose of us all into a dark abyss for all eternity for not following his rules? That is not the love of a benevolent creator. It smells a lot like the naked sadist ambitions of a psychopath to me.

Why is it proper or permitted to single out so-called "terrorists" as Arabs or Muslims however it becomes racist or politically incorrect to identify the oligarchs as Jews or Zionists who are gaming the system, degrading our economy, enslaving us with their debt based fiat currency, and stirring wars throughout the globe? Turning our attention on Israel and Zionism has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. This is an important matter because when we speak of a ruling class we need to be able to name who they are.

Most people do not know what a constitution really is. Yes it is the "supreme law of the land" but it is something much more than that. It is a contract between the government and the governed. When this is ignored by either party it ceases to have any power. However if this contract is repeatedly violated by the institution of government, the state becomes illegitimate. If the now illegitimate state insists on continuing to manage a "free society" without their consent they become its servants. This is enslavement by the institution which was founded to serve the public and shelter them from harm. It occurs when the people remain apathetic as the state asks for an inch but takes a foot -- and then a leg.

If death should take me now, count my mistakes and let me through. All I ask is that I dine and drink with the gods in the halls of Valhalla. Hail to the Gods and Goddesses. Hail to the Kvasir and the Vali. Hail to Odin, Thor, and Freyr. Hail to Vali, Sif, and Hymda. Hail to Baldr, Bragi, and Elli. Hail to Freya, Loki, and Frig. Hail to Limd and Mimir. Hail to Nyorg, Ran, and Tyr. Hail to Odin's spear, Thor's hammer. Hail to the mighty second Earth. All hail.

We tend to worship people with the smoothest talk, the prettiest faces, and the nicest clothes. Generally speaking, those in business suits only want to take from you. It is individuals with calloused hands, purple thumbs, chalky fingers, oil stained pants, muddy boots, strained backs, sweaty brows, wrinkled faces and tired eyes who make it their life's mission to provide for you.

Let us examine what E=mc² really means: The mass-energy equivalence means that matter and energy are different states of the very same substance. We can think of matter as condensed energy much like the analogy that liquid water is condensed water vapor which is H²O of a higher energy state than its liquid state.

If you hold that you are one of God's "chosen people" and have your own special word for racism toward you, then it rationally follows that you feel entitled because you believe that you are of a race of a higher order and all goyim exist to serve you.

Icelanders solved their economic mess by holding those accountable who were most responsible for it and refusing to pay back debts which they rationally believed were brought about through fraud. Your country did the exact opposite.

If your views reflect the predominant values of the public chances are they are not your own. They were programmed into you by a lifetime of perpetual propaganda and indoctrination by the mainstream media, society, and the state.

As soon as we shed our ideological labels and conditioned questionable virtues we find that in full frontal view of the naked truth we are all united in the same mission of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

I do not think it is about racism. It is really about prejudices (do not confuse this with racism) which basically say, how can a white guy compete with a girl who has been touched by the wood of God?

Asking evolutionists if they have examined the case for "intelligent design" is like requiring gynecologists to have studied the "stork theory" before licensing them as medical doctors.

The American dream is voluntary indentured servitude to the banks for the duration of a third of two lifetimes in order to enjoy the privilege of leasing real property from the state.

The fool perpetuates old habits hoping things might change. The resourceful will test old habits to see which work best. The wise dump old habits and test new ones.

If we are to ban all assault weapons from the most murderous and reckless segment of society because we wish to save lives, we must first begin by disarming the state.

If you agree that the historical treatment of American Indians by the U.S. was reprehensible then it rationally follows that Israel's abuse of Palestinians is intolerable.

You will know that you are a typical "sheep" or "Manchurian citizen" if your sentiments reflect the predominant virtues of a dysfunctional society such as ours.

Unfriending real-life family and friends because of quarrels or arguments on the Internet is like disowning someone simply because they beat you at chess.

The difference between a birthright citizen and one who is naturalized is that a naturalized person actually chose to become an American citizen.

If a poor, hungry, destitute, and uneducated illegal alien who cannot yet speak your language can threaten your job what does this say about you?

For God loves us so much that he puts us all through an unbelievable test of faith and devotion. Such a test that he never subjected himself to.

I know that this nation is no longer worth defending when an American must seek asylum from Russia to shelter him from our own government.

I always embrace being falsely charged with anti-Semitism because it means that they do not have a rational moral response to my inquiry.

We were all spawned in the belly of stars. So forget the story of Genesis for now. Stars were impregnated so that we could live.

Mine eyes behold dark cumulus clouds looming overhead ready to burst with furious anger, that which blankets us the substance of life.

When we have to think deep and hard to find the difference between a good thing and a bad thing they must both be bad.

If police have no duty to protect us, as ruled by the U.S. Supreme Court, then how can the state justify disarming us?

If "God works in mysterious ways" how can any priest, pastor, reverend, or clergy really know his word or his plan?

Patriots tend to wear plain clothes. Traitors tend to wear uniforms. Heroes remove their uniform.

I know an institution is illegitimate if it is not held to the same standards as that of the individual.

It is your right to choose the state as long as you do not hijack my liberty to choose freedom.

Whenever an answer to a question is expected to be offensive, it is highly likely to be true.

If my mind were as open as yours is closed, my brain would have fallen out long ago.

Having liberty is more important than being alive for without it; life has no value.

The "holocaust" is nothing more than a "hollow cause" of illicit self-serving lies.

If God simply decided that he no longer wanted to "play God" would anyone notice?

If life is not throwing you any screw balls, it is giving you blue balls.

To acquire peace you must first make war with those who prevent it.

All positive political change begins with dissent and sedition.

If you do not learn from your own mistakes someone else will.

The state may own my body but it can never have my mind.

If they have limited your thoughts, you have been enslaved.

To embrace religion or patriotism is to reject humanity.

My skin is a virgin canvas -- no tats or piercings ever.

I am straight; not that there's anything wrong with it.

Voting to be on a winning team is a sure way to lose.

If God turned his back on us would anyone notice?

Dissent and sedition are mightier than the pen.

Fuck being friends let's be fuck friends.

Give me deathcore or give me death.

Same-sex marriage is gay.

God is an atheist.

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All axioms conceived by Jules Manson.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Dear Islam: We Love You to Pieces

My Dearest Islam:

Smile — we are bringing the American dream to your country. This should be celebrated not scorned. While doing this your welfare and security shall be our top priority. Think of us as the good doctor who is treating your wounds. The pain we bring you is only temporary.

We acknowledge that your real goals are to be the religion of peace but we cannot permit this because this restrains us from acquiring essential domestic support that enables us to colonize your sacred lands and manage your resources for you.

Someone has to do it therefore we are really only exercising our God-given rights to police the world. If we damage any of your public spaces and properties we shall rebuild them to modern standards. Your country will look brand new when we have completed our mission.

The good news is that it will all be free. Yes you heard us right; we are not going to bill you for anything — we promise. Hold on, there’s more! In fact, we intend on paying many of you off to express our generosity. If you do not believe us just look at our track record in Iraq. Where do you think the many billions disappeared to? That is why God created the American people. They are relatively well off, spoiled, and easily deceived by propaganda. But do not forget to slide some of it back to certain individuals before you lose track of it all. We are certain you know how this works.

Our commission is to oust your tyrants from power and install our own brand of freedom and democracy that is friendly to American corporatism and Israeli Zionism. Please trust us when we affirm that you will embrace this — everyone does except our own people. But they matter not because we know what is in their best interests. They are too dumbed-down to manage their own affairs. As it stands now, they still believe they need government. Yeah, yeah we know; we are laughing too but it is not their fault. We made them that way.

We are well aware of your anemic military and poorly funded ragtag militias with second or third rate technology. To demonstrate our sportsmanship, our CIA shall provide your resistance with weapons, funding, training, and fighters so that they may give our own heroes a good fight — just like we did early on in Iraq when we imported Taliban and Al-Qaeda freedom fighters. Who said we didn’t play fair?

Do not be concerned with our war on terror. It is not for you. When you do challenge us please persist in practicing very cunning guerrilla tactics which we call terrorism so that we may prolong calling you terrorists. This justifies us further eroding the civil rights of our own people while it reduces them to obedient Manchurian citizens who dispense endless funding and healthy bodies needed for extending these war games.

A sullen and well-armed American public is very dangerous to the state. Hence, it is essential to pacify them with controlled or illegal toxic substances. Therefore, despite our war on drugs, we shall continue to guard your crops and accommodate you with covert protection and assistance while exporting your most bountiful commodity — opium. We also demand this product to maintain imprisoning our own citizens otherwise some will go hungry in the public-sector while private citizens run restless in the streets seeking for somewhere to fit in.

We apologize that Christianity has been and will endure as the religion of pieces. But we respectfully request that you remain patient with us and sustain your very courageous struggle otherwise many American defense and construction companies will lose value and right now our economy is very fragile. Your armed response is the humanitarian thing to do because the alternative is for such corporations to lay off more of our workforce in the private sector. They must not be handicapped of their ability to provide for themselves. We are only doing this for the children — ours. But your children who do not become collateral damage will benefit too.

The state really is a noble thing because it feeds families and restricts them to peaceful dissent. Some of this is valued because such a disgruntled public can be easily divided and weakened. Just like the facade that democracy has become, this builds the illusion that their government must answer to them. If they only knew who was really pulling the reins. But please lets only keep this between us — two trusting friends.

When all this is over we shall lift martial law and install a much kinder police state government that primarily arrests people in masses for petty victimless offenses. This will spawn a major prison industry that will feed many sectors of your free economy especially in government jobs such as prisons, police, justice system, administration, and of course public-sector labor unions that we shall very happily procure for you. You will also generate much more wealth in the form of taxation, fines, and fees to grow your government to fund all this. Just like a well cultivated olive tree, the more you care for it the bigger it will grow.

Winning your hearts and minds really is our goal. The West really does love you this much. We also thank you for your participation; for without you this conflict would not be possible. May Allah bless you and guide you through the ever so elusive path to peace, prosperity, freedom, and happiness.

Your dearest friend,

The United States Federal Government

Closing Thoughts and Recommended Viewing

I say yes "Islam is a religion of peace" but they are forced into a tight corner by Christianity which is a "religion of pieces." Their motivation for terrorist attacks is inspired by the U.S. imposing itself to manage their resources as it occupies their land, intimidates them into obedience, and its world class campaign of murder and theft.

We must acknowledge that courageous rebels from middle eastern nations have at best a third rate militia that is poorly funded and whose members have no real protective gear or defensive arms and are also poorly trained; they must improvise "homemade" tactics. Therefore "terrorism" is really just a defensive strategy to guard against the brute force of the United States military.

The following items are full-length independent documentary films. They are of particular interest because the United States has built many secret military bases in Afghanistan. Is it doing this to remain there indefinitely? Is it setting the stage for an invasion of Iran and to remind the Russians who is now the tough guy on the block? Are they also preparing a strategic grounds for a possible bush war with the Russians? The final video is of a very popular vlogger, drinkingwithbob, who is known for his very cerebral and humorous takes on current events. Here Bob questions why the media is almost ignoring the war in Afghanistan.

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What Is the New World Order?

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832)

I think a well planned conspiracy would be in it's very nature difficult to ever prove it exists. However there is much evidence that suggests the possibility of their existence. If one perceives a conspiracy there might be a good reason for having that state of mind. Time will tell. - Stefan Molyneux

Defining the New World Order

The New World Order (NWO) is often called a conspiracy theory but much evidence exists to suggest that it may be a conspiracy fact of a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda. The evidence is all around us. We only need the ability to connect the dots in the right way so that a sinister picture of reality emerges.

Such a group of despots are often called the Illuminati. These people are usually either presidents, prime ministers, or monarchs or they are captains of industry especially the banking and finance cartels whose high executives (CEO's, V,P's, etc,) are almost always Jewish-Zionist and are typical members of the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, and/or Council On Foreign Relations. They may also be the same people behind all central banks especially the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England. It is believed that they are conspiring to eventually rule the world through a totalitarian one world government which replaces sovereignty of all nation states.

A similar political hierarchy already exists in the U.S. and other so-called free nations. It is called corporatism. This is just a small taste of the big brother Orwellian nightmare they have planned for us. Please view New World Order - The Facts for testimonial evidence of this. The second video below is a very well done documentary on the Bilderberg Group.

Broadening the Scope

Every world war has brought many nations closer to this. The failed League of Nations after World War I was an attempt at this. Then there was the NATO alliance and WARSAW pact which were founded out of the ashes of World War II. Out of it also came the United Nations which is made up of member nations that are somewhat cooperating to unite the world under a common government. Out of NATO came the European Union which is really nothing more than a "super-nation" with a common currency and economy. Then came NAFTA which brought all three North American nations closer to unification. The fact that the United States permits illegal immigration is a very evident sign that their intentions are to erase borders. All steps are moderate and never too drastic so as not to generate public anxiety which might lead to restless activism.

Fleeing the U.S. does us no good because the U.S. and most western nations are cooperating with the NWO agenda. Nations which resist may be the imputes for a World War III. The fact that the United States may have imperialist designs on Iran which would also draw in the Soviet Union is evidence of its goal. This is the war which is expected to draw in all resisting nations into the NWO. A victory by the West over resisting super powers nations would at first draw in all the giants like China, India, Russia, etc. But once all the superpowers are in all other countries are very likely to fall like dominoes.

Protecting the New Regime

Of course there will always be pockets of resistance but they can be crushed by what I call the installation of local Apartheid governments (non-racist but operates on the formation of a privileged economic class) whereby all counties will compensate state employees with very lucrative packages which include outrageous pay and benefits fit for king, early retirement pensions, extra privileges, and special protections and rights. This generates fierce loyalty to the state. We see much of this with the U.S. where governments at all levels outspend themselves granting very fat early retirement pensions to peace officers and feds. This kind of a model is necessary to grow government just big enough to enslave its own population.

Some people such as theoretical physicist Michio Kaku suggest this is a good thing but there are many more compelling reasons why this would be very harmful to the security of all people in any society around the globe including the United States. Such a world would be ruled by the very same plutocrats who have drawn us into all world wars among many others. They are also the people who through campaign financing and lobbing hijacked our government thus eroding civil rights because they need a government which subjugates free citizens. It would produce a world society of highly regimented drones and Manchurian citizens. We would all be at the mercy of such despots who can on a whim decide that this race or that one is inferior or obsolete resulting in their order to euthanize us or outright genocide.

Please view Welcome To The New World Order (Full Length HD Film) 1/2 and Welcome To The New World Order (Full Length HD Film) 2/2 (these two embedded below) for a detailed examination of the new world order.

For Conspiracy Theory Naysayers

The image above shows the locations of about 5 dozen FEMA camps scattered across the United States and it made me realize that the federal government is not trying to undo its past negligences. It is always doing things to enclose us all into an ever shrinking box of liberties.

The overwhelming police presence at recent occupy any-street protests which sizzled away, the steady erosion of our civil rights with the unconstitutional Patriot Act and NDAA of 2012-13, along with granting Wall Street the privilege of managing the entire money supply through the Federal Reserve, and that no executives from Wall Street firms were jailed for fraud during the economic bust but instead got bailouts tells us one thing. The present government is illegitimate and its public policy is managed by the ruling class who therefore intend to remain in power by protecting the state through martial law. This is evidence that the United States is now a police state which serves the elite. We have become their slaves.

Therefore when it builds so many FEMA camps they are not concerned with disaster relief or our security or welfare. The steady the erosion of our constitution is going as planned and these camps have the real utility of prison or concentration camps for indefinite detention of all dissenters of this fascist regime. And when the time is ripe, just like in Third Reich Germany, people will be encouraged to inform on their friends and even family who voice concerns or speak seditious about the state.

This is not the delusion of like-minded paranoid individuals. It is how to connect the dots of freely available public information so that a bleak but rational image of reality emerges. It is a conspiracy fact.

Concluding Remarks

There is no such thing as freedom under the rule of any government. The fact of the matter is that no government works to serve the people. At best it provides the minimum necessary protections to keep the drones healthy, safe, and working happily especially while paying a steady stream of taxes (this is really extortion and what makes us slaves to the state) while believing they are free.

The first video below is of David Icke explaining how the elite are reigning in the NWO and who they are. As a Jew himself he identifies them as Jewish Zionists and the elite of the elite being the Rothschild dynasty.

The following short video is of Alex Jones describing in his own words exactly what the NWO is.

From the video description on the YouTube page: We are on a road that leads straight to the World War 3, but in order to see that and to fully understand what is at stake you have to look at the big picture and connect the dots. This video examines the history of the dollar, its relation to oil, and the real motives behind the wars of the past two decades.

From the video description on the YouTube page: Moscow's warned Washington against striking Iran. Russia's chief-of-staff revealed on Wednesday the U.S. could attack Iran after wrapping up its campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. He claimed his American counterpart had told him about the possibility. In an exclusive interview to RT, General Nikolai Makarov outlined Moscow's concerns.

The following clip is of George H.W. Bush Sr. mentioning the NWO on several occasions one of which occurred on September 11, 1991. This is exactly ten years from the date of the attack on 9/11. Other notable figures who used this phrase are Bill Clinton and George W. Bush Jr among others.

The following fictional film is a cinematic portrayal of George Orwell's novel, 1984, in which he envisions the entire world governed by a one world government. In such a state all Individuals exist as highly regimented drones who serve the state with almost blind unquestioned loyalty. In such a society human rights are secondary to collectivism as demanded under such a totalitarian rule.

Top image courtesy of Jason Hommel's Silver Stock Report. Next image of FEMA Camps courtesy of Google Maps.

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