Thursday, October 24, 2013

Were We All Really Created Equal? I Say No!

I question the politically correct propaganda that we were all created equal. This should not be confused with the humanitarian philosophy that all human beings deserve equal rights. Why isn’t it possible that internal qualities may have developed among the races (or ethnicities) with respect to intelligence, innovation, motivation, and character?

I do not know if such characteristics can be attributed to simple cultural or environmental factors however if a species can evolve into breeds (races or ethnicities) then why can’t such internal characteristics evolve as well? Why does society limit our dissimilarities in ethnicity to external differences? Nothing could be more shallow. Are we so afraid of our historical past that we deny our own archeological permutations past our own skins?

This does not mean that some individuals cannot have far superior attributes over others regardless of race. Furthermore, this does not mean that anyone should be oppressed based on their skin color. Individuals should always be assessed on an individual basis for their abilities (such as for employment) and their character (such as when selecting a mate).

How can we be expected to cope with our differences in an effective way if we choose not to scientifically study our internal attributes because of political correctness? We are after all human beings. This means we are very capable of some very amazing things including of course adapting very well to our socioeconomic environments.

People often confuse my views with racism. That could not be further from the truth. I am only questioning the predominant conditioned beliefs held by most people. We should not allow politically correct propaganda and indoctrination to limit our thoughts, shape our beliefs, mold our opinions, moderate our speech, or influence our behaviors.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Obama Daughters Disciplined for Feces Incident


WASHINGTON - On a move which surprised even the liberal left, the hundreds of White House visitors who were pelted with feces last week by the Obama daughters were re-invited to return the White House for a formal apology by Michelle Obama. It occurred in the recently scrubbed lounge room facing the Oval Office where the walls and floors had been draped with a very pungent brown slurry.

Facing dozens of reporters and hundreds of visitors mostly women the First Lady expressed remorse for her daughters [Sasha and Malia] reprehensible conduct saying, "I cannot express how deeply saddened I am over your victimization by my children. Please accept my deepest regrets and apologies. I was just as surprised over their behavior as anyone else. It is just not like them."

When asked by a reporter on how they were disciplined the First Lady insisted, "Oh trust me they received the discipline of their very short lives but unfortunately how they were punished is classified on grounds of national security."

Shortly afterwards all visitors were herded to the banquet room where they were all treated to a gourmet meal consisting of all-you-can-eat chitterlings and fried chiggen, Olde English 800, Thunderbird wine, and watermelon for dessert.

Jules Manson reporting for AP News.

Last Words

I do not work for and I have never worked for AP News. This story is politically incorrect satire and no racism is intended. . However some people may still have a problem with it. To them I say: lighten up. No one was harmed. I am only poking fun at two public figures. The way I see it, anyone in the public is fair game for poking fun especially if they are the children of a politician with questionable leadership.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

First Family Daughters Fling Feces at White House Visitors


WASHINGTON - Hundreds of White House visitors who were anticipating meeting the First Lady on a sunny Friday afternoon were instead horrified when they were greeted with a fury of wet feces thrown with impunity in all directions by the Obama daughters. It occurred in the lounge room facing the Oval Office leaving a brown-yellow slurry throughout walls even reaching deep into the hallways. The pungent odor left about a dozen visitors gasping for air as they were air lifted to a local hospital.

A shaken witness who did not wish to be identified recounted, "All we could do was to run for cover." Another trembling visitor remarked, "They [Obama Daughters] would crouch down for another load and call out 'INCOMING!' before peppering us again." She added, "Many visitors literally played dead hoping not to get pelted again," Another anonymous visitor with a nervous chatter recalled, "I saw my life flash before my eyes. I thought I would never see my children again."

An anonymous White House employee exclaimed, "It was like a scene right out of Apocalypse Now and Gorillas In The Midst." She added, "I didn't think it could get worse when they painted graffiti throughout the Blue Room last week; but I was wrong."

When approached with this news Michelle Obama exclaimed, "Girls just wanna have fun!" The president could not be reached for comment.

Whether Sasha and Malia will be disciplined remains to be seen.

Jules Manson reporting for AP News.

Disclaimer and a Few Last Words

I do not work for and I have never worked for AP News. This story is politically incorrect satire and no racism is intended although the article does tread on a fine grey line. However some people may still have a problem with it. To them I say: lighten up. Yes I am lampooning the First Family but no one was harmed. The way I see it, anyone in the public is fair game for poking fun at especially if they belong to a politician with questionable leadership.

Top image courtesy of Google First Family 2012.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Steady Erosion of Our Constitution

"The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed." — Adolf Hitler

No institution can be legitimate if it is not held to the same standards as those of the individual. There is almost no accountability in government and some sectors of society like Wall Street. What does it suggest about the United States when an America like Edward Snowden must seek asylum from Russia to shelter him from our own government? The current state of affairs is looking more and more like we are becoming the red scare of the old Soviet Union which we once feared -- a communist nation where no one could afford to speak up against the state much less reveal illicit activity by it.

Although we still have our First Amendment rights, prevailing trends strongly indicate that all of our constitutional rights will eventually be eroded away. It will likely be done piece meal (in small barely noticeable steps) but steadily until our constitution becomes as President George Bush once said of it, "Just a goddamned piece of paper."

It begins by disarming us by requiring background checks for acquiring a firearm or limiting the type of arms we may legally own. This is a request for permission for the one thing that should be our Second Amendment right. Although some states permit open carry that is now under attack as some states are beginning to restrict or outright ban this policy.

The recent scandal of the NSA collecting data on our communications was likely happening a few decades ago as computers became powerful enough to handle such a volume of data. Couple this with the Patriot Act which permits search without warrants and we have essentially lost the Fourth Amendment of our right to privacy.

The Fifth Amendment is our right to own private property but this is also largely ignored as the IRS makes a claim on a substantial portion of our earnings. And then there is real estate and other property such as our vehicles. Requiring us to pay annual taxes on such items clearly demonstrates that we do not own any property. We are only leasing it from the state.

The Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trials is also looking shabby these days because of the Patriot Act and the martial law and indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA of 2012-13. Although Casey Anthony was the likely murderer of her child she was found innocent in a court of law but it took about three years to finally resolve her case and she spent all that time in jail. Another example is Bradley Manning. He received horrific treatment in prison while waiting three years for his day in court. However his case may not apply to this amendment but it should have been honored regardless. There are many more examples like it.

Then we have the Eight Amendment which is supposed to shelter us from cruel and unusual punishment (this includes stiff sentences far beyond the gravity of the offense especially for victimless crimes), excessive bails, and excessive fines. One glaring example is the war on drugs and the treatment of whistleblowers like Bradley Manning. The Patriot Act also ignores this.

And then comes the Ninth Amendment. This one is my favorite. Forget about this one as this one does not even exist: "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." It basically means, anything we forgot to add we meant that too.

And what about the Tenth Amendment? This one is also very weak. This is what gives the states rights to govern themselves. However it is still potent enough to abuse its residents. If the federal government isn't oppressing you then there are many states in the republic which are very happily making certain of it with many nanny state laws and excessive taxes which violate the Fifth Amendment. This is like the State of California which collectively imposes the highest taxes in the union while passing bills each year to add new taxes. This also happens to be my home state which bends over backwards to public-sector labor unions like the federal government does to corporatism and Israel. This is what I call state-level fascism.

I never thought I would see my country descend so fast into something so pernicious as fascist collectivism. The greatest regret I have is that just about everything that our country was supposed to stand for turned out to be a lie. With every new year the United States drifts steadily toward a totalitarian state where the rule of law is now based on authority. We have all been conned and the worst thing of all is that many courageous heroes perished defending this illegitimate government. If they are not giving their lives for a cause they they are potentially losing them with charges of treason for revealing unlawful conduct by the state. This government is not worth defending because it only feeds the oligarchy.

But our benevolent authoritarian leaders are listening to our concerns. They watched the people rise up and assemble peacefully in the streets of just about every major city in the U.S. as they petitioned the government for positive political change. Their response was to disrupt our peaceful protests with a very heavy police presence. This is just the police state rearing its ugly head. As expected nothing positive came out of our attempt to appeal to Washington.

Instead our elected leaders and government officials made certain to protect their positions and the current state of affairs by filling military brass on the basis if they are willing to fire on American civilians. And just in case the people do rise up with force leading to a shortage of enlistees willing to cooperate with the government, they have been training foreign troops on our own soil who will not hesitate to shoot to kill on American civilians. Care to take a guess at one of the most prominent nations which will provide such services? -- Russia. Yes you heard it right. Those Ruskie commie bass turds might be shooting at our brothers, our sisters, and our children if we do not capitulate to this fascist American government. If that is not high crimes and capital treason I do not know what is.

Do not think for a moment that those hundreds of FEMA camps are for our own good. Remember Third Reich concentration camps for undesirables? The good people of Germany were also told they were for their benefit. Never forget that the United States once had concentration camps for Japanese Americans who were born on U.S. soil.

The U.S.S.A. (United Socialist States of America) is no longer our country. We are all serfs to it and one day we may just take a ride on a cattle car which may end up being our last. Having liberty is more important than being alive for without it; life has no value. Let us take action By any means necessary to restore the republic while we still have some remaining protected natural rights.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why Some Conspiracy Theories Have Merit


Almost everything the federal government does qualifies as a conspiracy. Here are the three necessary elements for a conspiracy:

  • Secret.
  • Between two or more parties.
  • Unlawful or highly unethical.

Who Gets Benefit of the Doubt?

I agree that many conspiracy theories are unfounded but this should not mean that we take a blanket position that they are all false especially when evidence exits to support them or that by default we give the benefit of the doubt to the State Dept or the federal government. This is especially true when we acknowledge that this institution has a long track record of releasing "official stories" which lack evidence and are deliberately infested with misinformation (a kind word for lies) yet we embrace their word as if they are credible.

What conspiracy theorists do is to connect the dots of publicly available information in such a way that a bleak but rational picture of reality emerges. This is the safest position to take otherwise by accepting "official stories" offered by the government we actually support them. Never forget that supporting the state is a very perilous position to default to.

About the Short Film

I agree with item 10 (Area 51) minus the alien spacecraft. I also agree with items 9 (Pearl Harbor), 3 (Electronic Currency), 2 (9/11 Coverup), and 1 (New Wold Order). I agree with all these because I have done my research and found credible evidence to support all such theories.

I do not agree with items 8 (Fluoridation), 7 (Pan Am Flight 103), 5 (AIDS), or 4 (Indian Ocean Tsunami) because I have either not done my research, I have not found any credible evidence to support them, or they are just too absurd to believe. But I stress that my mind is open to changing if credible evidence surfaces to support these allegations.

I am on the fence with item 6 (Peak Oil) until I see more evidence. We have seen other corporations form trusts to control market prices so I would not put this conspiracy past the petroleum companies. But again I stress, I am still only on the fence with this.

Some Conspiracies Are True

Isn't the NSA spying on us a conspiracy? If the feds are willing to break the law and do such highly secretive things under our nose does this not lend credibility to conspiracy theorists who resolve to similar conclusions based on evidence?

I also maintain that 9/11 was an inside job with Israel behind it among many other things like the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty navy spy ship which was permitted or planned by criminal elements within the federal government. When we pay attention to college courses like political science and history or simply rely on credible and independent sources for our news we find that conspiracies are the norm for advancing political change.

A Few More Conspiracies

I believe the following conspiracies have merit.

I have reservations about the following conspiracies. Monsanto is often a victim of aggressive unfounded propaganda. However, the government in the past has been found to be very willing to commit very secretive and egregious crimes against innocent civilians especially onto African Americans and people who serve their country. Therefore I do not put chemtrails past it. But I do stress that I am on the fence with chemtrails. And about vaccines? I believe that recommending 48 vaccinations for a young child is far too much. When I was a child I only needed about half a dozen and today as a 50 year old I am very healthy. However I do not know enough to comment on this either way. I just do not know if such allegations (long term harm or trace exposures to mercury) are true.

And finally, an outstanding video of Dusty Smith defending Monsanto.

Please do not forget to share which points you agree with.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Give Me Monsanto or Give Me Death

There are many things in life that can poison us beginning with the air we breath and water we drink. Shall we now act to eliminate all industry so that we could all drink "organic" water and breath "organic" air? Right now small farmers and big corporations throughout the United States and the world are hard at work producing food for not only their entire nation but also for many parts of the world. Yet some of us protest GMO's and the use of pesticides and herbicides in this process.

If they all returned to organic farming, food production would drop immensely. Not only would food prices soar to near unaffordable prices but much of the world would go hungry. We would witness famines of biblical proportions throughout the world. So now you must ask yourselves. Is it better to be subjected to trace yet safe amounts of poisons or to cut them entirely out of our diets and observe much of our society fall into poverty and while the rest of the world perishes from starvation?

And that little thing about Agent Orange? Finding Monsanto culpable for inventing Agent Orange is no different than blaming Colt for manufacturing M16's or Northrop for building drones and warships.

No I am not saying all of Monsanto's practices and products are perfectly safe but we are all better off because of what they produce. Give me Monsanto or give me death.

The following three films are all well known Monsanto documentaries. I am not saying their messages are all false but they do deliberately focus on and spew anti-Monsanto propaganda.

The following short video is by Dusty Smith who defends Monsanto and their genetically modified organics (GMO foods) while discussing all the unwarranted hysteria behind it. I deliberately did not touch on this subject because he does a brilliant job of addressing it.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

A Brave New World Order

The Machine

The following are my resigned predictions. I do not believe we can win against the machine swallowing us whole and alive. It is far too powerful and it has near limitless resources and technology so advanced we cannot yet fathom.

The world of the future, the very near future, perhaps in our lifetime will change drastically from the one we were all born into. Although many of us may have not noticed it, a one world government has been progressively growing in steps right under our noses. The illusion of democracy shall be replaced with a new world order ruled by tyrants and despots where only those with great wealth, nobility, or royalty shall make the rules.

Individualism and our civil rights shall be completely replaced by collectivism. Also gone will be the family structure. They will manage every aspect of society and engineer it to favor those who can best serve the collective.

A Stagnant Species

For many eons our species has not evolved and it was only in the last two thousand years that we had only begun to make progress toward advancing our knowledge base of the world and our universe. Our progress has been too slow and our evolution has been stagnant. Nature will once again come full circle as only those fittest to survive shall live on to procreate. All others will be considered "dead weight" or "obsolete" and shall be deemed disposable as they trim down the world population to a more manageable less than half a billion of the brightest, most innovative, strongest, and highly skilled minds that humanity can foster.

However, this is probably the only way to evolve the human species as nature had intended. This means that in order to advance the human species we must move toward generating a master race. It is nature's way. This will ensure the survival of the human species well into the future and restore much of our spoiled paradise.

Building a Master Race

There is nothing wrong with building a master race consisting of racial purity, superior intelligence, supreme health, and outstanding character if it does not practice coercion. It must be 100% voluntary. Having said this any race can be built into a master race through a process known as eugenics.

Why do so many people have a problem with this? Humans have been practicing genetics with plants and animals for thousands of years. If society really wishes to move forward into the future we must do this with humans although I believe it would be more efficient if races were mixed. Regardless of their ethnicity only those with the highest quality of DNA should breed under such a scenario.

Individuals with low quality DNA would not need to be euthanized or fixed. They would just be expected to cooperate by not breeding else they would contaminate the gene pool.

The breeding of a master race of different types is in store for humanity's future. But this program will be coercive and administered by the state which means the euthanasia of undesirables will surely occur. By the time we reach 22nd Century we will be well underway with building a master race of different types.

Some humans will be bred for their physical prowess. These will be workers and drones (guardians of the state). Others will be bred for their superior intelligence. These will be scientists and engineers as well as administrators of this "Brave New World Order." And then there will be the royal class which had a head start centuries ago. These will be your so-called Illuminati and other world leaders and monarchs. They will dictate everything. The Bilderberg meetings are an early version of this.

Last Words

Again I stress that I do not condone force or coercion for any of this. It must be voluntary but that is like wishing upon a star. Our careless ways on this planet must stop. It is killing everything. Perhaps it is best this way.

Further Viewing

The following film is a fictionalized version of what our world can become. The next film explains in easy layman terms exactly how the state is evolving and eroding our liberties.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Sixteen Sweet Things the State Will Never Reveal


The 20th century brought us the scary C-word -- Communism. The 21st century has given us an even scarier C-word -- Capitalism. But capitalism is not to blame for our economic mess and failure of government to shelter us from other crises. The real culprit is losing our leverage through Corporatism.

The new "red scare" is the Red, White, and Blue because this has given the United States a new F-word, Fascism. Does this sound like propaganda? You're right, it is propaganda however, this does not mean that it is not an accurate illustration of what we are witnessing.

Propaganda is very difficult to define therefore sometimes it must be defined under the context of its usage. I highlight this point to demonstrate that I have no underlying self-serving motives. My words can always be taken at face value. My only wish is to truthfully inform and motivate people into action.

I really do not care under which economic system (capitalism, communism, socialism, resource based, etc.) I live under as long as I live under an ethical government that does not allow the piracy of my wealth and the hijacking of my representation to be auctioned off to the highest corporate (or union) bidder.

The Sweet Sixteen

As promised here are the sixteen things that government will never reveal to you. In addition, I shall keep this regularly updated by adding "bonus" items as they come to me. If you can think of any others please post them in the comments.You will be credited.

  1. The federal income tax is illegal and the IRS is an illegitimate institution.
  2. About 75% of all tax revenues at all levels of government go to pure waste.
  3. The Federal Reserve is a money skimming operation by the bank cartels. Every time the Treasury Dept. requests freshly printed money it issues a bond to the loaning institution. This bond not only requires that all money printed be returned to the issuing bank but it must also be repaid in interest even though this newly printed paper money was printed out of thin air and not backed by anything. In other words all money that is issued is already owned by the Federal Reserve even though it is legally counterfeited. This is the primary reason for poverty and unemployment in America.
  4. Inflation is a result of the Treasury Dept issuing bonds to the Federal Reserve to expand the money supply. This is a hidden tax. When we notice that our cash money is losing value it is because of inflation which is an expansion of the money supply. Such bills have no intrinsic value therefore it steals value from the existing money supply. And, who holds this freshly printed money? The United States government of course.This is why it is a hidden tax.
  5. The Federal Reserve is also the primary reason for the national debt because once again, it creates debt every time money is issued to the Treasury Dept.
  6. All banks who are members banks of the Federal Deposits Insurance Corporation may practice legal counterfeiting by loaning out nine times the amount of money that they have deposited in their reserves. This is called fractional reserve banking and it is practiced by most banks. This also expands the money supply resulting in inflation.
  7. The federal government intends on relieving itself of this debt with what they call "quantitative easing." This means that they will print more fiat (worthless Federal Reserve Notes) money to tax us all out of this debt. This will spawn hyperinflation. Think of hyperinflation as hypertaxation. It will draw the American economy into another great depression perhaps as deep as the Great Depression of 1929-1941.
  8. Most Americans are brainwashed, ignorant, and stupefied because of mass media programming and political correctness.
  9. Having children is the primary cause for scarcity, pandemics, pollution, mass extinctions, and ecological damage. It is also one of the primary reasons for war. The land mass essentially remains static however populations steadily grow resulting in even stiffer competition for resources and land.
  10. Not everyone who has the right to vote should vote. People who vote without first investigating through independent sources all sides of issues and candidates are doing far more harm than if they had no exercised their patriotic and civic duty.
  11. No one in government cares for you. Their staged performance for your welfare (well being) is a ploy to harness your vote and loyalty so that you help them step up the Darwinist social ladder. This means that most bills that are passed by our elected representatives have a deeply embedded and hidden self-serving agenda. In addition to this most bills at all levels of government are now written by lobbyists. Still further it is now well known that most bills are not even read by our elected representatives at any level of government.
  12. As long as we must pay taxes on our legally acquired fully paid private property there is no such thing as property rights. Even if we have the deeds in our possession. This means that mortgages and taxation is all a scam and we are only leasing property from the government. This also applies to automobiles.
  13. The failing public education system is very deliberate. It helps keep the masses ignorant, passive, and complacent.
  14. The justification of "national security" for government classifying information as "secret" or "top secret" is false. The federal government and most state governments are criminal institutions. They perpetuate fraud, wars of aggression, extortion, hijacking of our representation, piracy of our wealth, human rights abuses, the dismantling of our constitution, and many other crimes and policies of oppression. They use the cover of national security as justification to hide these covert activities in order to protect those in government and private corporations who drive political change by unlawful means.
  15. There is no God. Religion and the concept of God are tools perpetuated by all governments to prime society into accepting false claims by authority figures. It is also a tool for moderating dissent among an extorted and disgruntled population.
  16. We do not live in a free democracy. This is because our representation is hijacked and our wealth is pirated by corporations and unions through campaign financing, promises of future job offers to elected officials, and their guidance or outright authoring of legislative bills.
  17.  (Bonus 1) Patriotism is nationalist propaganda. Its main utility is to harness your blind unquestioned loyalty to a government that is controlled by a small group of elite individuals with underlying self-serving motives. It results in us becoming complacent in a bubble of false security that our government has placed us in. We thus become passive and loyal to the very same institution which we should fear most - our own federal government.
  18. (Bonus 2) America is now officially a fascist (corporatism) state. How deep we allow it is entirely up to us.
  19. (Bonus 3) Giving to non-profits who benefit medical research is counterproductive to finding treatments and cures for medical conditions and disease. Why would any medical research corporation release any cures if it hit their bottom line hard and cut off their gravy train of charitable donations?
  20. (Bones 4) Just like the federal government is controlled by corporations, most state and lower governments are controlled by public-sector (and some private as well) labor unions. I call this state-level fascism through unionocracy.

Recommended Viewing

Please see the following free full-length film, End of Liberty. It is produced by the think-tank group National Inflation Association and was uploaded in October of 2010. This film pulls no punches. Our liberty is under attack with far too many oppressive laws and criminal institutions who are literally stealing our wealth under the cover of helping the community and fighting terrorism. Two more outstanding films to watch are End of America and America: Freedom to Fascism.

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The American Apartheid Machine

This article is primarily about government workers and their unions. It argues that just like with corporations at the federal level, unions also hijack our representation at all levels of government resulting in building a special privileged and protected class of workers which I call the apartheid class. They are so well rewarded that they become fiercely loyal to the government regardless of all the abuses imposed onto the public or the overall harm to society and our country. The damage this practice brings is staggering to our liberties and our economic well being.

Taxation without Representation

When any level of government becomes more concerned with protecting government employees and other special interests over taxpayer’s needs, it has lost focus and this misguided set of concerns is essentially what defines taxation without representation. Hence, such a state can be be said to have become a government by the people for the government. This is especially true when austerity (cuts to services and entitlements to the public) becomes policy to save public employee pensions and other niceties of this privileged and protected class.

Private unions such as Teamsters, electricians, and pipefitters, for example, work on free-market principles because competition exists in the market for their services and we have the option not to employ them. They do not generally impose their services and coerce costs onto the general public. Such unions are also needed in acquiring quality, hard working, skilled laborers and technicians at a fair wage for their vital expertise and labor. Without unions there would be far less protections for labor against predatory corporatism which guides self-serving business policies into regulation.

However public-sector labor unions (government workers) hijack our representation at all levels of government by financing the campaigns of candidates. Hence, elected candidates will lean legislation in the favor of their financiers. It is even now common practice for lobbyists to author many bills. This coup over government results in the piracy of our wealth through taxation and slanted business regulations. This is not the free market at work because the general public cannot opt out of the imposed costs. A government that represents the public would make certain that it dispensed the highest possible quality services at the lowest yet fair cost.

Noble Public Servants?

It is now well known that government workers can retire and receive a pension so early in their careers that they often take up second jobs with another government post and eventually end up double-dipping into public pension funds. They can actually work for one government office while collecting a pension from a previous post. Some even return to the same job as a consultant while collecting a pension from the very same job they retired from. Did you know that public pensions are guaranteed by law regardless of how much risk pension fund managers take while investing these funds? This means taxpayers must cover any losses by such investments.

Providing the public workforce with an almost impenetrable job security, a ridiculous number of redeemable vacation, holiday, and sick days, and essentially no accountability for poor work performance creates a new social class of very privileged and self-entitled laborers. They also receive a wage for most positions that private industry cannot compete with. Furthermore, it is in the interest of unions to grow government because this raises their revenues through member dues. This spawns an over-bloated and over-staffed bureaucracy that just keeps on growing until it runs deficits. Such deficits often results in higher taxes and reduced services to cover them.

Despite all this let us not overlook two facts. Government workers who retire early and take up a second job cheat someone else out of a job opportunity. They are also eligible to receive social security payments like the rest of us; all at the cost of you the taxpayer who often has to work past the age of 65 to support these public servants for their remaining natural lives. This is not unlike welfare recipients, only these recipients can wring us for many times the value of a single downtrodden person who may actually need economic assistance. This is just part of their unsustainable compensation packages guaranteed to them for life for performing their most noble duties for an overstaffed dishonorable broker of the community known as any level of government.

California has a state income tax of about 10% and another near 10% sales tax which was raised recently while in the middle of a deep recession. Unemployment rates are reported to be at 12% in California however the true number is always twice that. This is because part-time employees, those who exhausted their unemployment benefits, and those who have given up searching for work are not counted. This is likely a deliberate deception to mask the true extent of the state of the economy.

Federal. state, county, and city (e.g. Measures C and H in Carson, CA) governments will attempt, and do succeed (e.g. Measure C), to pile on more taxes and fees to pay for the growing debt and deficit spending which is most often attributed to unsustainable pensions and other niceties.

But What is Apartheid?

a·part·heid [uh-pahrt-heyt, -hahyt]
  1. (in the Republic of South Africa) a rigid policy of segregation of the nonwhite population.'
  2. any system or practice that separates people according to race, caste, etc.

Although entry 1 may not exactly fit, if the word racism is replaced with collectivism we still have something that much resembles apartheid that is practiced today by the United States and many other countries at all levels of government. However entry 2 does fit without any modifications. Therefore apartheid is basically government enforced segregation with respect to rights and privileges.

The following were lifted from Wikipedia with almost no edits applied. The entry for Apartheid in South Africa is given for historical reference. The entry for Apartheid (second item) gives us a more credible definition of this South African term:

Apartheid in South Africa was a system of racial segregation enforced by the National Party governments of South Africa between 1948 and 1994, under which the rights of the majority non-white inhabitants were curtailed and white supremacy and Afrikaner minority rule was maintained. Racial segregation in South Africa began in colonial times. However, apartheid as an official policy was introduced following the general election of 1948 which by coincidence is also the year that Israel was established.

New legislation classified inhabitants into four racial groups (native, white, coloured, and Asian), and residential areas were segregated, sometimes by means of forced removals. Non-white political representation was completely abolished in 1970, and starting in that year black people were deprived of their citizenship, legally becoming citizens of one of ten tribally based self-governing homelands called Bantustans — four of which became nominally independent states.

The government segregated education, medical care, beaches, and other public services, and provided black people with services inferior to those of white people.

Apartheid is an Afrikaans word meaning “separateness.”

Practicing segregation with respect to ethnicity or social structure was not limited to South Africa. The United States including Israel and almost every country throughout much of history have practiced this upon the lucky native people who were not murdered by their aggressive colonialist occupiers. However, apartheid existing throughout current and world history is no justification for perpetuating it. Therefore it is critical to demand that equal individual human rights are honored else governments always drift away from moderate forms of collectivism which suspend civil rights toward outright fascism that eliminates them.

The Apartheid Government

The three social-classes (or economic) model is either a myth or it is obsolete. There are two more levels of unearned affluence that the press and the state deliberately ignore.

Collectivism builds two economic apartheid classes of privileged citizens that are endowed with rights, earnings, opportunities, and protections that are not offered to the general public. Even their expected future returns on their vested pensions are secured by law with public funds while almost everyone else in private industry is accountable for their own risk that comes with a 401K or other retirement programs. Very early retirement to take a second job at some other department of the government while collecting on a pension is not unheard of. And then there is the excessive number of holidays, sick time, vacation days, and unbelievable job security which makes it almost impossible to terminate their employment should it be necessary.

Many departments at all levels of government are also grossly overstaffed including the ranks of the managers. What do they all do? Of course this describes the syndicate known as government workers (lower apartheid). All are represented at all levels by a very powerful category of lobbies known as public-sector labor unions.

Those who guide public policy are the upper apartheid. These are the top brass of plutocratic elites. They should not be confused with vanilla flavored upper-class wealthy people who play no role in directing public policy other than voting or contributing small amounts to campaigns. The real despots are those who usually control large shares of major corporations or sit on their boards and use this power to hijack representation by financing all viable moderates within the same election race through campaign financing. In other words, they finance everyone because they do not care who wins as long as they can buy the government. This also includes public-sector labor unions and Washington lobbies especially the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC or Israel lobby).

These are the people who hide behind a curtain of secrecy while driving public policy at the federal and sometimes local level. In doing so, it is in their interest (economic and self-preservation) to make certain that no disruption in government occurs.

Elected public servants endow government workers with this much affluence and privilege to manufacture a machine that is fiercely loyal and entitled. Thus their concerns for helping the needy by employing collectivist public policies is disingenuous or misguided because such socialism is exactly what breeds unemployment, homelessness, poverty, crime, substance abuse, mass crises, public unrest and anxiety, extremism, and many other social maladies that the government is depended on to shelter us from. The state will then extend authoritarian control by expanding the police state and growing social programs to relieve us of this while ignoring the root cause. That is how the state grows and protects itself.

The following are just a few perks (there are many many more) that some government workers are endowed with beyond their compensation packages:

  • One Bill of Rights for You, Two Bills of Rights for Them: In California peace officers are granted extra protections that would shelter them from charges of assault or abuse onto the public. This is very typical of an apartheid state.
  • California: Government Plates Immune from Tolls, Photo Tickets: In California many government workers are granted exemptions from certain traffic and parking citations. This is very typical of an apartheid state.
  • Public workers’ perks hit taxpayers: Government workers in many states are gaming the system to not only retire early but to also boost their pensions which are guaranteed regardless of the risk that pension managers take; while the rest of us in the private sector must often work past the age of 65. This is very typical of an apartheid state.
  • Government Employee Benefits: This is an article of various other perks that government workers are entitled to for their very noble service to the public.
  • California Labor Law: When a Union Dictates the Right to Work: California is not a right to work state. This means that if your employer has a collective bargaining agreement with a labor union for your particular type of work, you cannot opt out. This is actually a perk for those workers who wish to be a part of a union because it strengthens their bargaining positions.

Unmasking the True Face of Society

This is the mask of illusion that they want us to see:

  • Upperequal rights for everyone from a hardworking millionaire to the Rockefellers. Almost no dependence on the state.
  • Middleall hardworking government workers and those from private sector have equal rights. Almost no dependence on the state.
  • Lowerthe downtrodden all have equal rights. But they are highly dependent on the state therefore social programs and unearned entitlements are instituted to sustain them.

This is the unmasked reality that they do not want us to become aware of:

  • Upper Apartheidplutocrat elites who control the economy, public policy, and money supply through a central bank. But acquiring their wealth is highly dependent on their privilege to control the state. Hence, they are more dependent on it than any other class.
  • Uppertypical wealthy people from private sector. They have almost no dependence on the state.
  • Lower Apartheidvery privileged government workers who are more dependent on the state than all classes combined except for the upper apartheid.
  • Middletypical private sector workers with fewer rights but with almost no dependence on the state.
  • Lowerthe downtrodden with fewer rights. Ironically, although they are highly dependent on the state they are not the most dependent class.

The System Is not Broken

Whenever any public employees fail or are found to be in dereliction of duty, the top brass within their department or bureaucracy will procure a spokesperson to apologize or justify their conduct to the public. Propaganda is spewed as they expertly employ their finely crafted skills at media spin in an attempt to moderate or prevent a crisis of public opinion. Voluntarily releasing the names of those responsible almost never occurs. They are almost always protected and rarely terminated for their illicit or negligent behavior. A paid leave or suspension is the most common consequence for their culpability. Ironically, it sounds a lot like a reward.

However, there is always a sure fire scapegoat that can almost always carry the fault while protecting those responsible. It is often blamed on a: the system is broken. How convenient! To prevent falling in disfavor (access would be denied) with some politicians and/or some public offices, reporters will often not pressure them for more details or for the names of those responsible for their failure.

Making those accountable for perverting justice, corrupting government, or simple negligence is really the only way to end abuse and their unwavering loyalty to the state. We need to name names because behind every broken system (church, the state, etc.) are individuals hiding behind it who caused it to become that way. There is no such thing as a broken system; only broken individuals — criminals.

The Solution

It begins by removing conflicts of interest. Our primary goal should be to get all levels of government back on focus of a government by the people for the people. One solution to union and corporate lobbying is campaign finance reform. Contributions must be limited to individuals only. In other words, reforms are needed to prevent public unions and corporations from directly buying our government. Secondly, once politicians leave office they should be excluded from employment as lobbyists or employed by any business they received campaign financing from when it was permitted, for the remainder of their natural lives. That might help eliminate some loopholes whereby politicians are promised very lucrative job offers once they leave office if they introduce or support bills that these special interests may be in favor of.

But none of these reforms can happen if we continue to support moderates from the two parties. Democrats primarily represent collective labor (unions). They also tend to rely on buying votes from the lower class by promising them entitlements instead of focusing on the root cause of poverty and unemployment. Republicans tend to represent big business however some, such as in California, are known to bargain with unions and democrats in a process called reaching across the aisles. This is a nice phrase for cheating the taxpayers out of their representation.

But while voting is not a fast solution here is one that is within the power of legislators to do on next contract negotiations: Cut Wages and Benefits for Public Employees and close some departments while merging others especially the redundant ones. Government workers must be forced to actually earn their pay and pensions. If they strike it is their right to do this — indefinitely. While government workers are on strike there is no good reason for not hiring a temporary workforce — also indefinitely. Perhaps it will be found that their positions can be fulfilled with only a fraction of the original workforce.

Further Reading and Viewing

To learn more about how public unions harm us all, please view the following short films and articles:

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

An Open Letter to God

If our benevolent creator is really expected to judge us all in the afterlife wouldn't it be far more sensible to assume that he would have appeared before us at least once during our lifetime to read us our rights? - me

Dear God:

Your demands have resulted in many lost souls and a spoiled paradise. We have lost our way, but we believe we know the cause. You may have conceived us but does this mean that we should become your servants in perpetuity? Why do you impose us with a need to serve you with compulsory love and hollow sacraments? Why should we owe you anything? You are God. You are omniscient and omnipotent. There is nothing beyond your reach. You have everything you need therefore you need nothing. You did not design us to be your serfs. Yet you demand this of us through your many gospels.

Why is it your concern who we choose to sleep with, how or what we choose to eat, or what we choose to do as long as no one else or anything is harmed in the exercise of the free will you graciously endowed us with? All of these activities are too frivolous for anyone or any creator to be preoccupied with. We are intelligent enough to determine for ourselves what is moral and what is nefarious. Please put your colossal hubris to rest and cease commanding us to revere or even acknowledge you. This is not unconditional adoration. This is coercion. Please, stop demanding that we follow your doctrine and accept the holy spirit — whatever that is. We have far more dire and pressing affairs down here that demand your undivided attention.

Please ignore the petty prayers of many of your spoiled western disciples and set your priorities straight by attending to the needs of the most fragile of your children: those afflicted with poverty, scarcity, and malaise. They need and cry out for you, although they may not have ever heard of you. Our mothership is perpetually beset with war in which many of your most faithful children perish. Many of these conflicts are rooted in your stipulation for exaltation.

You are fully conscious of charlatans among us who will abuse your word, yet you do nothing while they create many gods and many faiths all competing for their service to you. Such utility enslaves us to their will and is the basis for much of this carnage. We do not ask for your alliance. We only ask that you end this inhumanity once and for all.

Aside from life, intelligence is the greatest gift you have bestowed upon us. Yet you expect us to suppress this when respecting your decree. If you truly are an all loving and powerful Father in the sky, then promise us you will not play favorites based on a silly little book, any book, written many years ago that demands our service to others who claim to know your will. We believe that wasting such precious and limited time on a text compiled ages ago is a blasphemy of this most divine gift.

We should be honoring the abilities you endowed us with by exercising our curiosity and learning more about the world and exploring the universe you brought into essence. Such intelligence is easily adopted to question your own existence, yet you choose to hide from us in a trial of faith and loyalty. You never subjected yourself to such a test. This is hypocrisy of the highest divine order.

Being our creator should not give you the right to behave like a god. You crafted us in your own image yet you manufactured us to be very fragile with many limitations and imperfections. You do not respect those attributes which mirror your own. Free your children to be how they choose to be. Only guide us if we should fall from grace. But do not expect us to become your chattel.

Allow us to question your very existence. But do not condemn us to a purgatory of torment if we should not meet your expectations. This is cruel and evil sadism. This is not nor should it be you. You ask us to be virtuous, and we can do this without your direction. Fearing you does not breed adulation. Release us from this. We are only human. This is how you designed us. Prove your unconditional love. This is what we ask of a reasonable and benevolent god.

If this plea appears demanding, perhaps we were spawned in your image after all.

Inspirational Viewing

I can think of no better way of ending this appeal to our Father in the heavens than with one of Christopher Hitchens last and greatest debates. And finally please enjoy the official video of XTC performing their 1980's smash hit, Dear God.

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The Road to Perdition

The road you take is not up to you. It is up to our well-intentioned yet misguided, wool-coated, fellow neighbors who outnumber us thousands to one. This is why we have a lot of work ahead of us in convincing the herd on how to liberate ourselves from the shepherds who intend on corralling you, me, our children, and everyone else to containment, slaughter, and pasture.

This is a fact of life for all who have fallen asleep while carelessly grazing in the greenest of pastures brought to you by American corporatism, the Federal Reserve, and Kool Aid. This is a most pernicious poison of the sweetest taste and one that we must recognize as having the propensity of ending our existence.

Be wise and live long and prosper. But never do this at the expense of your free will nor of the life, liberty, or happiness of your brothers and sisters that are separated from us by oceans. Because if we do, it sets the precedence that it is also permissible to do this to us.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Are We Overpopulating Our Mothership?

This article takes a very different yet simple approach at explaining overpopulation by employing one of the most important laws of nature -- the law of conservation of energy. A litmus test is also provided to prove that overpopulation is a very real crises. And lastly, a case study is illustrated that can put this topic into a proper perspective.

Seven Billion Lost Souls

I was only about ten years of age when my elementary school class first focused on the crises of a growing world population. The population then was at about 3.5 billion people. It has now doubled some 39 years later and it is still on the rise.

Struggling for finite resources and overcrowding humans leads to a whole array of pressing problems: overpopulation is often the direct cause of famines, scarcity, epidemics, oppression, war, extinction, and irreversible damage to all ecosystems.

We Are Destroying Species At a Very Rapid Rate

Natural history has witnessed at least five mass extinctions and not all were caused by wayward asteroids. One of the earliest occurred about 250 million years ago during the Precambrian period. It wiped out an astonishing 95% of all life. Yes you heard it right. The Earth appeared to be a vast desert wasteland for a whole of a duration of about one million years. Extinctions from natural causes are not avoidable. Eventually all species will die out including us even if technology advances to a point where we can safely colonize other star systems or galaxies. This is nature’s way.

But during the last 100 years or so humankind has brought many species to extinction and many more are marching steadily toward it at alarming rates. Forget all the land animals that are in peril. We are even endangering many marine species due to our over-harvesting the seas and leaving behind an ecological mess with our industrial activity which the earth cannot naturally cleanse fast enough. At this pace it is believed that beginning from about a hundred years ago and ending about a hundred years from now almost half the living species will have perished due to our neglect and over-consumption.

The fact that human activity is largely responsible for the extinctions of so many species and earth’s fragile ecosystems unable to naturally cleanse themselves at a rate fast enough at which we pollute it is very convincing evidence that our species is overpopulated and our growing numbers are not sustainable. Something has to give and this usually means plants and animals will first bear the burden (die out) because after all we are the apex predator.

However, we are not immune to this. Nature has a law appropriately named the law of conservation of energy. This means that all resources are finite and consumption must be balanced because mother nature is a very meticulous accountant. She never forgets to keep well balanced up-to-date books. This reminds us that we cannot print resources out of thin air like we do with our fiat monetary system. Eventually most human beings will also be compelled to pick up the tab by becoming disposable so that our species can live on. It is the only way.

What is War and What is the Root Cause?

Current population trends suggest that our near future will witness mass deaths perhaps whole populations due to severe droughts, sudden changes to the ecosystems which technology cannot reverse or keep up with, or energy shortages all of which will result in food shortages. And, what is food? It is energy and there we have that pesky law of conservation of energy again. And of course there will be badly needed mass genocides (yes needed because nature works in cruel and mysterious ways) as a consequence of a world war that is more devastating than world wars I and II combined.

For now forget all the cultural differences and geopolitical quests for power and greed which world leaders are famous for. Yes they do spark conflicts for such reasons but they are only symptoms of an even more fundamental crises. World Wars I and II occurred because the technology at the time could not meet the demands for energy (and resources) of a growing regional and world population. Thus as explained before, nature is indifferent. It has naturally devised a plan for (through war) reducing our numbers when they become unsustainable. At the most fundamental level all major wars are really just a struggle for resources and we cannot avoid these conflicts if we overpopulate the earth and mismanage our finite resources. We have already reached this point twice before.

Modern technology has exceeded that of World War II by what seems like a milestone. Combine that with all casualties due to all military conflicts since then and it has reduced the human population “safely” back down to a sustainable level which technology and resources can meet at least for now. However our growing numbers will eventually outpace that of technology and this will spark another vast struggle for resources which will lead to another world war. The United States colonizing the oil rich middle east and other continents (in fact most of the world) is a symptom of this. Eventually World War III shall witness the greatest mass genocide in all of history combined.

The next film, The Crisis of Civilization, examines many of our habits of over-consumption, mismanagement of resources, and the resulting degradation on all ecosystems and the struggle for resources which ensues paving the way for terrorism, war, financial meltdown, dwindling oil reserves, and food shortages which are all converging symptoms of a single, failed global system. The second documentary is a similar film which presents a hypothetical case of what the world may look like in 2100 if we continue with our selfish and irresponsible ways.

Five Point Litmus Test: Are We Overpopulated?

A state of overpopulation occurs when the carrying capacity for a species is exceeded in an ecosystem. For foxes this means that a particular environment is not producing enough hares to feed on. This also means that the environment must be healthy with enough insects to cultivate the land and greens to feed and attract foragers.

For human beings a state of overpopulation exists when food, water, and energy are in short supply or environmental degradation is leading to ecological disasters. Please consider the following litmus test. An answer of “yes” to any of the following is strong evidence of overpopulation.

  • Are we expending resources (forests, clean water, clean air, food, energy, etc.) more rapidly than they can be replenished? This is what we are witnessing in forests and jungles throughout the world. This is especially true not only in Madagascar and the Amazon rain forest but also in the United States.
  • Is the planet becoming polluted at a faster pace than it can be naturally cleansed? Although the U.S. has many clean water and clean air regulations, the overall content of pollutants into the North American and world environment is always growing.
  • Do droughts occur resulting in millions dying from famine during such dry seasons or years? We witness this frequently in Africa and sometimes on other continents.
  • Are animal species becoming extinct at a much faster rate than would have occurred naturally? We are now seeing this with Cod and Tuna from over-harvesting the seas. Despite regulations for protecting them, many other land and sea species are now in peril.
  • Are there perpetual wars somewhere in the world? Although much of this is driven by geopolitics or a quest for power, at its most fundamental level it is really just a struggle for resources, energy, and land.

The following two are an outstanding BBC documentary and a great talk by the Sixth Annual Barbara L. and Norman C. Tanner Center for Nonviolent Human Rights Advocacy Foruma.

Case Study: Why Hunger Is Not The Problem in Africa

Famine hits third world or developing countries the hardest because this is where regional overpopulation often occurs. Some of the driving forces behind it are illiteracy, religion (especially Catholic or Christian) which usually declares all forms of contraceptives a sin, peer pressure to raise a large family, or a large family is needed to work the fields or the farm.

However this presents another problem in that people in underdeveloped nations often multiply far beyond their ability to produce food or offset droughts, have access to clean drinking water, or beyond their capabilities to build real shelters such as modern homes with utilities like plumbing and electricity. In desperate times some even resort to cannibalism. As it is now it often seems that they all still live in grass huts or cardboard and plywood box homes.

A hypothetical solution often suggested is to divert all grain now produced for livestock to African nations facing famine. This is only a temporary fix because hunger would eventually grow exponentially as more people live to the age where they too would procreate beyond their (and ours) sustenance. Permanent reliance on the generosity of Western nations would occur for their nutritional needs. This would also lead to a growing crises of overcrowding which always spawns wars over resources especially land, water, and food.

Overpopulation also results in high death rates due to disease especially if they do not have adequate sewage systems. More raw sewage than ever would flow into their groundwater, streams, or reservoirs. Hence producing another crises of foul drinking water which would generate even more mass epidemics.

Take the African nation of Liberia for example. Many people there live in their own excrement as they defecate and urinate just outside their primitive shelters. Many of them now fall victim to illnesses originating from these living conditions. See The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia (Full Length Documentary) (also embedded below) for documented video evidence of this.

Although many would perish in an epidemic it would not offset their population growth because Western nations would probably continue to feed them and even send in Doctors Without Borders to rescue them from the ecological damage they generated and we enabled. They are even still dependent on the West to provide them with mosquito nets to shelter them from airborne pathogen carrying insects which transmit diseases like malaria. Imagine that, they cannot yet fabricate their own nets.

Unlike most people in other parts of the world planning ahead to offset periodical droughts or anemic harvests seems to be beyond their capacity. Even simple strategies like birth control are not practiced. Regardless, their immediate needs are often so weighing that they can only live for the here and now.

Three Strategies for Stabilizing Our Population

As promised here is how to fix overpopulation in a very humane way that of course would not practice war or genocide. I am certain there are other humane ways but these were off the top of my head. And finally, I do not endorse feeding people in Third World nations but I include them as a strategy with stipulations because it is going to happen regardless.

  • It begins with you. It takes a man and a woman to have a family. Keep it down to no more than one or at most two children to replace you both. It really is that simple.
  • Yes do feed the poor and the hungry in other countries but only under one condition. All adults must be spayed or neutered to receive such a sustenance. Children would not need to be “fixed” but should be. Why do some people have a problem with this? It really does make sense.
  • Similar to prior point, do provide clean water filtration systems and agricultural assistance to the world but only under some minor conditions. Have all adults, despite the number of children they have already had, spayed or neutered to recieve this clean water or assistance. Children would not need to be “fixed” but should be.
  • Bonus: Provide condoms, other contraceptives, and educational material (especially exposing the Catholic Church for reasons already known to you) to third world countries. These are places where overpopulation is having the greatest impact.

Words to Remember

The current world population is unsustainable therefore something has to give. We can either take the humane but politically incorrect high road or we can take the low road and witness people dieing horrific deaths from disease, famine, or war. The option is yours.

Further Viewing and Reading

The next film examines the consequences if the world's population grows to twice its current size which is projected to occur sometime in the 22st century.

The following videos are far more sensible in that they focus on over-consumption of finite resources and the consequences of our mismanagement of the Earth. They suggest good ways of stabilizing our population.

And finally, the following reading sources either support or oppose overpopulation. All points of view are presented to bring you a more balanced treatise of this very important topic. Wikipedia marks the point between cons and pros because it is considered a neutral source

Top image courtesy of fairyfarmgirldigest.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Why the Gay Community is Doing Gay Rights All Wrong

The Wrong Approach

The gay community is seeing the big picture from a very narrow perspective. Because of political correctness most focus groups believe they have special needs unique to their demographics. By widening their field of view they would find that all these special rights which minorities, gays, and other groups struggle for including affirmative action which cheats white people can all be solved with one swift swipe of the pen because they all have one thing in common. They are not African Americans, Latinos, gays, lesbians, women, men, underprivileged, foreigners, poor, minorities, etc. They are all human beings.

Defining the Real Issue

What they are really asking for, although they do not know it, is for equal individual human rights. This means that no group of people are endowed with special rights, privileges, or protections over others such as for example like how government workers now get. They need to demand a restoration of the constitutional republic which was once the United States of America and the original intent of our founding fathers.

Under such law any of the aforementioned niceties would also exist for all people in the private sector. Therefore if you intend to privilege one group of people you better do it for everyone else and yes this includes same sex right to marry because under the law in our ideal United States no individual (or two in this case) may be denied a right that everyone else enjoys because of gender. Hence the right of same sex to marry really is a gender issue of limiting this human right only to select people. In other words they are being denied because of their gender.

The Solution

It is not only gays losing focus but essentially all political factions and special interest coalitions. They need to attack from a different more rational strategy which grows them to be an influential as strong as the NRA or AIPAC lobbies. We can only do this if we all stop supporting the narrow vision of these focus groups. The key is to unite under one umbrella to be a force for civil rights which the federal government cannot ignore. This is the only way to restore the republic to a constitutional one as was the original intent which honors us all as human beings instead of managing us like cattle.

We cannot and must not allow political correctness to divide us. It was designed with the intent to fracture the public so that it does not collude into a weighing political power.

I rest my case.

A Brilliant Quote from Facebook

Redmond Weissenberger shared LGBT Libertarians's photo:

"I do NOT support "marriage equality" and neither should you and I'll tell you why. "I support Marriage Equality" is just a euphemism for, "I believe the state is the proper authority on who can and cannot get married, so as such I believe the state should approve gay marriage". I say FUCK THIS. Everyone no matter if you're black, white, transgendered, queer, asexual, heterosexual, polyamorous, or monogamous has the RIGHT to enter into whatever legal arrangement he/she wants to with anyone else via voluntary private contracts. So in conclusion don't ASK the State to recognize Gay Marriage, rather DEMAND that it stay out of the institution of marriage altogether!"

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Shock and Awe" Mass Crises Are State Generated: Terrorism, Illegal Immigration, and Killing Sprees

Public Manipulation on Steroids

There is a reason why whenever the public faces a real or perceived crises the government always steps in to offer up a bad solution which on its face almost sounds reasonable but in reality it was the real goal all along. We must acknowledge that it is the state itself which deliberately stages the conditions which can generate a crises so weighing that it is sometimes called shock and awe. This leaves the public in a position of being compelled to turn to the government for almost any temporary fix just to feel a little bit of relief leaving us all in a bubble of false security. Hence the state expertly practices public manipulation on steroids as it sells us on a bad solution by making us an offer that we can't refuse.

The Goals of the Strategy

This 3-step strategy is a genuine conspiracy known as the Hegelian Dialectic but David Icke coined a simpler more memorable phrase: Problem, Reaction, Solution. He often speaks on this as illustrated in the short video David Icke - Manipulation Techniques: Problem Reaction Solution. Another fine short article can be found at the Anything Box: Problem Reaction Solution. These sources were given to explain this simple strategy in greater detail. Instead, the goals of sponsoring such a program of manipulation are discussed and three examples from current events are cited.

The long-term goals are easy to decipher because they always trend in the same glaring direction. We just need to stop giving the state which never ceases to betray us the benefit of the doubt and stop dismissing enlightened individuals as conspiracy theorists or whackos because most really do arrive at their hypothesis by evidence. What they do is to take relevant publicly available information to connect the dots in such a way that a bleak but rational and authentic image of reality emerges.

The core agenda of those who manipulate the public psyche are:

  • To grow or secure the government resulting in expanding its authority and suspending or eroding our liberties.
  • The steady transfer of wealth or capital from the poor and middle classes to the upper which results in even more anemic representation for the public and greater dependence on the state.
  • To erase national borders in steps so that all nations drift toward a one-world-government which in the end-game is a new world order.

These three goals will leave us with no political leverage and all power concentrated in the hands of the privileged elite or ruling class who are often captains of industry especially in finance. This will set the U.S. and the world hundreds of years into the past when political power rested solely in the hands of very wealthy landlords, people of nobility, and monarchs. Constitutional rights will be replaced by state sponsored collectivism and subjugation. Think of it as the Patriot Act on steroids. Most individuals will exist only as highly regimented serfs or drones serving the state and the ruling class.

A similar political hierarchy already exists in the U.S. and other so-called free nations. It is called corporatism. This is just a small taste of the big brother Orwellian nightmare they have planned for us. Please view New World Order - The Facts for testimonial evidence of this.

Three Examples of Problem-Reaction-Solution

1. Terrorism and Limiting Rights

The attack on 9/11 created a problem which the public perceived as a threat that needed to be managed immediately. About three thousand people perished on that day and no buildings were now considered safe from harm not even the Pentagon. Public perception now viewed terrorism as having the potential to strike almost anywhere and such attacks may eventually be nuclear.

It is believed by truthers that elements within the state department, especially those known as neocons but it is not limited to them, may have planned or were well aware of the impending threat and deliberately permitted it. This is what most people call an inside job. And yes, the evidence is overwhelming as cited in many documentaries such as The New American Century (embedded below). Another film to watch is War Made Easy: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death (also embedded below). Although not about 9/11 it carefully dissects how the federal government manipulates the public into supporting its aggressive colonialism. Such principles are easily extended to the U.S. led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan among many.

The public reaction was to agree with the government to impose justice by any means necessary and to reduce the threat of terrorism. Instead the federal government quickly stepped in and while claiming to have evidence of those responsible, sold us a solution which resulted in expanding its authority with the Patriot Act (and later NDAA of 2012 and 2013) and invasion of two middle eastern nations which were not harboring those responsible. However, this positioned the U.S. to control local middle eastern petroleum and other resources. This may have been the real goal. The U.S.-Mexico border is also kept porous thus maintaining an open avenue from which future terrorists can enter hence justifying the further erosion of our liberties. More of this in item 2.

Occupying the middle east also sets the stage for an invasion of other local nations and a strategic position from which the U.S. can answer a potential Russian or Chinese response to its imperialism. One great example is Iran which the U.S. government is essentially alleging to be a rogue nation ruled by a dictator with potential nuclear strike capabilities. This is the justification cited for a possible military invasion and occupation however as indicated before, the Russians have already warned the U.S. that they will not tolerate such a strategy. But just by coincidence Iran has very rich oil reservoirs.

2. Illegal Immigration and Erasing Borders

Borders which are deliberately maintained porous by the federal government permit massive illegal immigration to the U.S. especially on its southern border and they are even rewarded for this. Hence this is a state generated problem which harms society in terms of lost jobs, lower wages, higher taxes, and less opportunity. Immigrants come here not just for the jobs but for the many benefits handed to them by Uncle Sam and our tax dollars. Their children born in U.S. soil are by birthright U.S. citizens. This qualifies them for collecting entitlements and special protections by the government, for eventual guaranteed citizenship for parents of said child, and for later chain migration of other family members. Hence children born in the U.S. are sometimes called anchor babies.

The public reaction is to demand of the state to stop the flow of illegal immigration. Reasonable measures often suggested are ending their entitlements, building a wall on the southern border with Mexico, enforcing immigration laws especially in the workplace, and to do away with birthright citizenship. Instead the state's solution is to build a 700-mile wall that is poorly funded and has many long gaps with which it installs sensors. It calls this type of wall a "virtual fence." However, it not only refuses to limit federally funded rewards to illegals, instead it attempts to expand on them with niceties such as the dream act which would have granted many young illegal immigrants with college scholarships and citizenship. This act failed in Washington during the second term of the Bush administration but it is believed that the Obama administration (now in his second term) will attempt to give illegal aliens amnesty in a piece-meal fashion.

Of course the goal is very easy to decipher. The government is generating multiculturalism because this divides and weakens the public while it steadily erases borders as it marches toward a one-world-government. And none of this even mentions NAFTA (1994) which brought the U.S., Mexico, and Canada closer to merging into one economy and one nation. For more information on illegal immigration please view The Line in the Sand: The Consequences of Illegal Immigration into the USA.

3. Killing Sprees and Gun Rights

Killing sprees by crazed gunmen at public places such as the Aurora, CO movie theater and educational institutions especially the Sandy Hook Elementary School left many people feeling vulnerable for themselves and their children. However public places are exposed to such attacks because the public in most states are prohibited to open or conceal carry especially in schools because they are cited by federal law as "Gun-Free School Zones" (see GFSZA of 1990).

This is a federally sponsored problem because it makes it unlawful for law-abiding people who do not have a permit to carry concealed arms in a public place. Conceal carry permits are usually only limited to very few individuals who have special needs because of who they are (status in society or their celebrity) or their profession. It is even illegal for educators and other professionals especially commercial pilots who under most circumstances would be the first and only line of defense. Recall that on 9/11 all pilots were strong armed with mere box cutters. It is also unlawful in most states such as California to open carry. In 2012 Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law prohibiting open carry of rifles and shotguns. It is expected that he will next target our sidearms.

The public's reaction was to turn to the government for help in making public schools and other public places safer. The solution offered by the government is to put further restrictions on guns and assault weapons which on its face appear to mitigate the problem but it would actually accelerate it. It trends toward eroding our Second Amendment rights leading to the eventual goal of disarming the public.

Since outlaws do not obey the law and will likely acquire munitions in the black market, gun control results in a public so vulnerable and exposed that they become even more dependent on the state for their safety. The fact that the war on drugs has failed is evidence that all levels of government cannot keep contraband out of reach of the criminal elements. Such a policy of disarming the public will grow the government with more public safety personnel (especially peace officers) and perhaps new bureaucracies resulting in extending their already overbearing authority. It also grants the state a tactical advantage over the public if it should ever rise up with force to demand positive political change.

As it stands now, schools remain free killing zones because would be spree killers can be safely confident that they will face no opposition while carrying out their assault. Please view The History of Gun Control for the resulting consequences of a disarmed public.


Observe that all three real-life scenarios provide solutions which trend toward greater authority for the state and a one-world-government. A similar case can be made for the Wall Street housing bubble that went bust in 2008. However instead of jailing bankers responsible for the fraud that created the mass economic crises and allowing their banks to fail as they did in Iceland, the federal government rewarded them with massive bailouts into the billions which many CEO's secured for their fat bonuses or golden parachutes.

More examples of this program of deception can be found at Historical Evidence of Problem Reaction Solution. Also please view Alan Watt on Alex Jones Infowars Complete Oct-2010 Interview (embedded below) for other ways the government manipulates the public and the long term goals of the ruling class. And last but certainly not least,please view Welcome To The New World Order (Full Length HD Film) 1/2 and Welcome To The New World Order (Full Length HD Film) 2/2 (these two embedded below) for a detailed examination of the new world order.

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